Last June, after visiting my family in Connecticut, I was quickly reminded that the main thing I don’t miss about my home state is the mosquitoes in the summertime. Don’t misunderstand me: they’re nowhere near as bad as other states like Alaska (the worst), Florida, Minnesota or even parts of Hawaii, but they still suck, pun intended. RELATED: Why You Should Always Shake Your Shoes Before Putting Them On

We stayed at my cousin’s house and when my little niece was bitten by a mosquito, she begged her mom to use The Bug Bite Thing. I asked, ‘What the heck is the bug bite thing?” My cousin showed me a small plastic device about five inches long that looks a bit like a wine bottle opener. See image below.

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She raved about it because it’s all-natural and said it was one of the number one products featured on Shark Tank. It costs just under $10 on Amazon.

After she sucked the poison out of her little one’s leg, I asked her to hit my ankle up since a muzzy had just hit me up. Sure enough, my ankle felt better though I’m not sure if it was just psychosomatic or if it really works. I’m going with the latter since the reviews are mostly great. TIP: One thing I learned is not to use it on your face or neck as some people claim it leaves hickey-like marks, which no one, and I mean no one, needs.

It’s especially great for little kids because they can be more bothered by bug bites and in bad cases, bites can disrupt their sleep. It’s the perfect little thing to add to your summer travel bag if you’ve got little kids or grandkids. You’ll be a hero when you whip that thing out of your bag and save the day!

The box says it works on bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, sea lice and more. The company says it’s clinically proven, kid-friendly and 100% guaranteed. For $10, you don’t have much to lose, except maybe trying to explain to your wife that it gave you a hickey on your neck.

Because The Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool, it’s chemical free. The company says that it removes insect venom, saliva, and other irritants left under the skin from bugs. But one carpenter left a popular comment saying that it works for some splinters too, which I just tested out. I’m in Ischia, Italy and while walking on the dock to take a dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea, I stepped on a splinter. It hurt like heck and I tried using the Bug Bite Thing because I didn’t have a pair of sharp tweezers in my toiletry bag (something you should always travel with; who knows when they’ll come in handy). The tweezers eventually did the trick but I do think the Bug Bite Thing helped suck the splinter to the surface, making it easier to extract. I always keep one in my travel bag and I’m glad I had it on this trip because that tiny little splinter was making it really hard to walk.


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5 Comments On "How To Relieve Bug Bites Naturally"
  1. Tom Anderson|

    I used this thing on my forehead where I’d just been bitten. Sure… it relieved the itchiness from the bite but left a big, round, bruise where I’d used it. The bruise lasted almost 10 days. I’d rather just deal with the bite than walk around like this!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yeah, I guess I should mention not to use it on your head because I heard it does bruise some people

  2. Tressa Morgan|

    I’ve used Bug Bite Thing for two summers and it definitely works. I was skeptical a first but I now have three of them…at home, in the car and in my travel bag!

  3. sally|

    Waiting for the bite………..just bought this clever helper when I get a bad bite. I had a bite that got infected for six months, had to have wound care to get rid………………… thanks to you JJ I bought it last nite at CVS………thanks

  4. Kathleen & Raul Pacheco|

    Oh, wow! I didn’t even know they made something like this! Going to get one from Amazon this week. One for my husband’s travel bag and one for mine. Thank you so much!

    Kathleen & Raul Pacheco

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