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This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Disclosure, visit this page.

When I read this headline: “Heroic moment Dr. Oz comes to the rescue saving a passenger suffering a medical emergency in the middle of a flight,” I thought this must have been an old story but I checked the date and after reading the story, I realized the incident had just happened. RELATED: Why You Should Add These 8 Health Items To Your Toiletry Bag When You Travel

Dr. Oz helps JetBlue passenger during in-flight medical emergency.

The reason I thought it was an old story was because I remembered writing this post back in 2021: Dr. Oz helps revive passenger at Newark Airport and shares how to perform CPR.

Once again, it seems Dr. Oz is in the right place at the right time on an airplane. This latest incident occurred on a JetBlue flight between New York and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

TMZ attained photos (embedded below) and confirmed the medical incident with Dr. Oz. According to TMZ: “He was en route to a wedding when he heard flight attendants asking for medical help, and he answered the call. [A] middle-aged healthy man lost consciousness and we did usual triage with physical exam and vital signs. After oxygen, OJ and time, he recovered and needs to have a detailed evaluation with his local physician.”

The Daily Mail, reports that Dr. Oz said, “the orange juice was in case the passenger was fainting due to low blood sugar, and explained that ‘oxygen is the best drug we ever use.'” I felt that last line was the most important because I remember flying from New York’s JFK to San Francisco (SFO) on United when all of a sudden, I felt like I was going to faint.

Even though I had never fainted before, I knew something wasn’t right when I got up to use the lavatory. I told the flight attendant, who immediately sat me down in a jump seat and grabbed the oxygen. She may even have given me orange juice too but I can’t remember. I do remember that after a few minutes having oxygen on, I felt fine, which was obviously a huge relief. No one likes feeling sick and especially not on an airplane. The flight attendant didn’t call a doctor nor did I see mine afterwards.

But if by chance you ever do feel woozy on an airplane, ask if the flight attendant can administer oxygen and get you a glass of orange juice. Just be sure you’re not on a low-fare carrier because they will probably charge you for it ?

During the pandemic, a friend who worked at the CDC told me that the most important medical device people can have at home and travel with is a pulse oximeter, so I bought one and have used it countless times. According to Healthline, “a pulse oximeter measures your blood oxygen levels and pulse. A low level of oxygen saturation may occur if you have certain health conditions.” It has been a very handy device to have at home when anyone in our family isn’t feeling well and also warned me of extremely low blood oxygen saturation once when I had traveled to high altitude. I was so grateful I had it and knew to leave immediately. I always keep it in my carry-on bag, which is easy to do because it’s so small.

I don’t know of any stats regarding how often a doctor or nurse is requested by the flight crew to help in a medical emergency, but it does happen quite often. I’ve been on dozens of flights where a flight attendant has requested medical assistance and every single time, there’s been at least one medical personnel onboard, which is comforting. Fortunately, only once did we need to divert to the closest airport due to a medical emergency. We had land in Edmonton on a flight from London to Los Angeles.


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