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I have written many times about how well-behaved our kids are on airplanes. And that’s not just me being a biased and adoring father. After every single flight we’ve been on, fellow passengers approach me and my wife to say they can’t believe how quiet and well-behaved our kids are. I’d love to take all the credit but the main reason they’re so quiet is because my wife does an amazing job packing their backpacks. RELATED: The Best Kids Travel Shows

How to rehydrate dried out markers.Inside their backpacks, there are always snacks (of course!), lightweight books, an iPad with kid-friendly headphones and a pad of paper with Crayola washable markers (stored in these waterproof pencil cases).

When it comes to the iPad, the real trick is that our kids aren’t allowed to use their iPads at home. After every trip, they’re returned to a drawer and packed away again until our next trip. Which means the iPad is a real treat and I can pretty much guarantee the whole plane absolute silence from our kids. We make sure to download all of their favorite movies, TV shows and games before leaving home; you never want to assume you’ll have strong enough WiFi to download them at the airport or on the plane. These days, my kids don’t make a peep while watching their favorite shows, which, these days, include Bluey, Curious George and Wild Kratts.

But back to the markers: One of the problems with them is that the kids often leave the caps off and before you know it, they’ve all dried out. It’s always been painful to throw out markers that don’t work. It’s such a waste of money and plastic, and it particularly hurts when they are brand new.

Well, I just happened to be scrolling on Instagram, something I haven’t done in a while, and came across a recommended post. It was by an influencer named Chelsea, whose handle is @gratefulheartcollective. The caption on her video said: “No more dried up markers!”

In the video, she says, “Don’t throw them away – rehydrate them!” Her trick is to fill the caps up with water, stand them upright for a few hours and voila! They’re like new again.

She says, “They’ll be good to go until they get left uncapped and dry out again, or until the ink is actually gone!”

Watch her video here:

This is such a brilliant and useful hack for parents so I hope it helps you and your kids or grandkids or if you know anyone who has little ones, please pass this along. I’m sure they’ll thank you.


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