Earlier today, my wife sent me a TikTok of a KLM flight attendant in uniform with the headline: 6 Hotel Hacks From a Flight Attendant. I was expecting the tips to be pretty lame but surprisingly, they weren’t, which is why I’m featuring them. In fact, many of the tips I’ve already written about. RELATED: What Do Flight Attendants Notice When You Board a Plane? Here’s What They’re Looking For

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The video is only 47 seconds long and it’s embedded at the bottom of this post but Esther Sturrus (@esthersturrus) has a creative way of packing all six tips into a very short time.

FYI: There’s no sound except for some new age techno music which I’m not into so you can watch it on mute if you have the same music taste as me. I’ve already written about five out of the six tips so if you’re a longtime subscriber to my newsletter (here’s the link to subscribe), you should know most of them already but hey, a refresher never hurts. Here are 6 spot-on hotel hacks from a flight attendant:

1. The hanger trick
Esther writes: “Are your curtains not closing properly? Use a clothes hanger.” She’s absolutely right and I just featured this tip last month after the curtains in my hotel room didn’t shut completely. Yup, that’s my photo above of my Maui hotel room and you can read my post for more ways to keep your curtains closed.

2. World travel plug broken?
I think every international traveler knows to pack a universal power adaptor when they travel; I usually bring two and a travel power strip so I can charge all devices, including my wife’s and my kids’ at once. However, Esther has a great hack in case you forget your adaptor or if it breaks: “Use your USB cable and charge it in the TV.” I’ve never even thought about that one.

3. What else is a shower cap useful for?
Unfortunately, or fortunately (for the sake of the environment), most hotels don’t provide disposable shower caps anymore. But if you have some lying around, Esther says: “Use it as a cover over your shoes.” I just use the same plastic bag I’ve been using for the last year or so to stick my shoes in. My wife uses shoe covers as we would never, ever, stick a pair of worn shoes in our suitcases without putting them in a bag. That’s just nasty to have dirty shoes touching your clothes or the inside of your luggage. Ewww. You can also buy shoe bags, like this set of 5 for under $7.

4. Worried about forgetting something from your locker?
Esther says: “Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel / shoe in it and you won’t forget it.” In North America, we call lockers safes. And yes, this is an old trick, which I learned decades ago. If you’re afraid of forgetting the contents of your safe when you leave your hotel, then try this hack. What Esther left out is to be sure to put the shoe you plan on wearing on the plane in the safe, otherwise, you’re going to not only forget the contents of the safe but one of your shoes, too.

5. A shower cap is also very handy for your remote control. Those things are dirtyyyy
Esther must subscribe to my newsletter since I constantly remind readers that the remote control is full of germs. However, according to an ABC News special report it’s not the dirtiest thing in your hotel room, which surprisingly is … here’s that story. To cover the remote, one of my friends brings plastic sandwich bags to pop it in but I just wipe it down with Clorox wipes or use my phone to change channels using the StayConnect app or similar.

6. Use your room key for your electricity? NO!
Many hotel rooms, especially international ones, require guests to put their room key in a key slot to turn on the electricity. It’s a smart way for the hotel to save money. But often times I forget to grab the key so then I’m locked out of the room and have to make a long trip to the lobby. This is one of the reasons I always request two room keys. Esther says: “You can also use all other cards for this.” She’s right and I’ve even used my business card before. But I definitely don’t recommend using your credit card. I know many travelers carry old hotel room keycards for this very reason. RELATED: 3 Reasons to Always Ask For Two Room Keys

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Below are some more hotel room travel hacks. If you have any unique tips of your own, share them in the comments!


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4 Comments On "Flight Attendant Shares 6 Spot-On Hotel Hacks"
  1. Del Case|

    Concerning the room safe; I always empty the safe the night before I am checking out. This prevents a sudden panic if it won’t open properly, you have to wait for someone, perhaps a professional, to come and open it, and your passport and flight tickets are inside and you have an early flight!!!!!

  2. Joanna Janssen|

    I have always made a habit of turning on all the lights while I am getting ready to leave the hotel. Then, before I leave, I turn off each of the lights and check areas to make sure I don’t leave any thing behind. It has saved me and rarely have I left anything at a hotel in 12 years of weekly travel!

  3. Elise|

    Shoe bags!! I flew business on Qatar years ago & they gave out pjs in this cloth pouch – I’ve saved these and use them for shoe bags. Dust bags from purses or shoes are also great.

    We left our PASSPORTS in the hotel safe in Stockholm this summer – didn’t realize it till we were boarding a ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo a week later. This was probably the most stressful (and expensive) travel mistake we’ve ever made…definitely taking the shoe tip!

  4. Douglas Spindler|

    Shoe idea is stupid, just write a note. Every room I have stayed in has a pen and paper. I write a list of things to check/do as a check out of my hotel room. Check the safe, bathroom, night stand, passports, etc. and then leave the piece of paper on the door or on the handle of the luggage.

    Much better than a shoe you can’t find and more informative.

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