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If you’ve read my top 10 cruise tips, then you already know this important travel hack. I used it again this morning at a hotel in San Francisco and it’s a great little hack on cruise ships and in hotels. RELATED: The Truth About Hotel Room Key Cards

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to staying in a hotel or on a cruise ship, is having oblivious neighbors who not only talk loudly in the hallways but who let their room door slam behind them. It’s not that difficult to shut it gently, especially from the inside, but it can be a challenge when leaving.

Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with people. So many people seem to have no regard for their neighbors, whether it’s in a hotel, on a cruise, on the beach, inside an airport, on an airplane or at the local grocery store. It shocks me how many people, regardless of age, have no problem talking on FaceTime, watching videos or listening to music in public spaces without earbuds or headphones. TIP: These noise-cancelling earbuds are a great option for travelers. They really work and come in a super-compact carrying case.

So, if you ever want to break the norm and be courteous or sneak out of your hotel room so you don’t disturb your sleeping wife, kids or neighbors, then here’s my simple trick.

When exiting your hotel room or cruise cabin, close the door as far as you can before it clicks (this way you block the hallway light and any hallway noises). Then, take your room key and unlock your door by tapping the keycard against the magnetic lock. Once it unlocks, you can turn the door handle so the lock won’t make that crazy loud and disturbing clicking noise that every hotel room door seems to make. And that’s it.

YouTube video

If you’re a visual learner like me, then embedded above is a 23-second video I recorded early one morning while sneaking out of my hotel room in Hawaii so I could photograph the sunrise and grab tasty acai bowls for everyone before they woke up. In fact, that scenario was the inspiration for this tip!

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