A 20-second video is going viral and it’s another shocking and unfortunate incident. A Spirit Airlines flight attendant filmed a passenger squatting and urinating on the galley floor. Watch the video below. RELATED: Flying Spirit, Frontier or Allegiant Airlines? This is the Bag You Need So You Don’t Get Charged Extra

The flight attendant says, “Just say hello to the camera for me.” The passenger replies, you should “blame yourself, Your plane is stopped, I said I cannot hold the pee.” The flight attendant repeats, “Just say hello,” and tells her, “You should drink some water because your pee smells disgusting.” But what’s really disgusting is the flight attendant’s behavior, degrading this woman and filming her instead of just opening the lavatory door for her. 

The passenger says, “You can do whatever you want. You can send a warrant, arresting me is better than this.” She gets up and fixes her pants. The other flight attendant has her back to the woman and is trying to control her laughter. This is probably just another crazy thing she has seen onboard a Spirit Airlines flight.

I don’t know what is up with Spirit Airlines but it does seem like a good portion, if not the majority, of the outrageous passenger behavior does happen aboard their planes. Doesn’t it?

I feel bad for the passenger because it appears the flight attendants locked the plane’s lavatory. They do this from the outside by flipping the small lavatory metal sign up and sliding the lever. I’m not sure if it’s an airline policy or at the discretion of the flight attendants but not all airlines or FAs do this but they usually do it before takeoff and landing.

I’m guessing there was a long tarmac delay and the flight attendants kept the bathrooms locked so I can’t really blame the passenger. The passenger should also be commended for doing her business in the galley, which has hard floors and not carpet so it’s easier to clean up. She also did it in the most private place available.

I agree with @snappynancy who commented on this video saying: “As a former flight attendant for 2 airlines I never stopped someone from walking to the bathroom. 1 my job is to INFORM NOT ENFORCE! So if we’re landing 🛬 and you still get up I’m going to tell you please sit until then FOR YOUR SAFETY but if you’re not stopping I won’t stop you either. My job is done. If you bang your head on the way you were warned it was for your safety. I will absolutely not degrade you by having you 💩 or 💦 yourself. If you doo on yourself that’s your choice. You have 2 options hold or just get up and go. by regulations we (CANNOT SAY you have permission to go) when it’s a safety issue. So you decide if you want to oblige or not. Posting this women in her lower moment should be punished by termination!”

Can you imagine how many passengers do their business at their seat and we don’t know about it?

I was on an American Airlines flight about a year ago between New York and Los Angeles and I saw something similar. I was in First Class and the passenger was in Business but he couldn’t wait for the person to get out of the lavatory so he asked for a bottle or something and started to unzip his pants in the galley facing the emergency door so no one could see him. Another female flight attendant realized what was going on and quickly handed him a large black garbage bag and told him to do it in there. The flight attendants were appalled at first but then realized he was not inebriated and had some kind of medical condition.

Later, the flight attendants had a good chuckle with me about the incident and I said, “Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.” But at least those flight attendants attempted to help the passenger on my flight. On the Spirit Airlines flight, the flight attendant did nothing to help and is an utter disgrace.

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6 Comments On "Cruel Flight Attendant Denies Passenger Lavatory Access and Films Her Peeing on the Galley Floor - Can You Guess the Airline?"
  1. CR1|

    To hell with Spirit Airlines.
    Fire the flight attendant and fire the CEO.

  2. Patrick Price|

    Fire the flight attendant immediately.

  3. Walter Shwe|

    Definitely the inhumane flight attendant should be immediately fired on her butt.

  4. Robert|

    I can’t think of anywhere I need to go that I would subject myself to Spirit Airlines to get there.

  5. Max Weber|

    A Greyhound bus is better than Spirit Airlines.

  6. Mike in Fort Collins|

    If the flight attendants are this cavalier, you may want to thing about how Spirit does maintenance on their aircraft. There are just too man horror stories about Spirit Airlines – count me out!

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