If you’ve been watching football all day like me or if you just turned on the news, then you know the Kansas City Chiefs upset the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game and the San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lines in the NFC championship game. Both teams will face off in two weeks on February 11 in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. RELATED: The Two Times I Went to the Super Bowl

Within minutes of the Chiefs winning, executives over at American Airlines (AA) and United Airlines (UA) immediately added nonstop flights to from Kansas City (MCI) to Las Vegas (LAS) and they had some fun with the flight numbers. Both AA and UA added flight 1989 to LAS in honor of Taylor Swift. For those who don’t know, 1989 is the year Taylor was born and the name of her most popular album. See screenshots below.

Here’s a screenshot of American Airlines’ flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII:

Here’s a screenshot of United Airlines’ flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII:

Just in case you really don’t watch football or tune in to pop culture news, then I’ll explain why Taylor Swift is involved in the equation. It’s not because she’s performing at Super Bowl LVIII. It’s because she’s dating Travis Kelce, Kansas CIty’s all-pro tight end and shoe-in for the Hall of Fame five years after he retires (that’s when players are eligible – just like baseball).

American Airlines also had fun with their newly-added return Las Vegas to Kansas City flight number. AA flight number 87 is a nod to Travis’ jersey number.

Not surprisingly, the NFL definitely wanted to see the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl since their games have seen a huge increase of viewers thanks to Taylor Swift. She’s been at almost every  game since September 24 (she and Kelce started dating in July) and the viewership numbers are staggering.

Taylor Swift has single-handedly been responsible for improving economies. According to the U.S. Travel Association, Taylor Swift has had an unprecedented impact: “Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour went to 20 U.S. cities, and the concertgoers far outpaced typical spending patterns. Swift fans––“Swifties”––averaged $1,300 of spending in local economies on travel, hotel stays, food, as well as merchandise and costumes. That amount of spending is on par with the Super Bowl, but this time it happened on 53 different nights in 20 different locations over the course of five months. Downtowns across the country have enjoyed an influx of visitors—and a spending boost thanks to Taylor Swift.”

I wrote a tip in October advising that before you book plane tickets to travel somewhere, you better check Taylor’s concert dates because she’s about to embark on a 90-concert tour spanning from Australia to Zurich in 19 countries. Everywhere she goes, hotel prices more than double.

What’s interesting is that I see she’s performing in Tokyo, Japan the night before the Super Bowl on Saturday, February 10. She has six days off before she needs to be in Melbourne, Australia on February 16 so you can bet she’s going to be making an unscheduled stop in Las Vegas on February 11.


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