The popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming just posted a video with the caption: “Not all heroes wear capes.” I’m not sure everyone will agree that this passenger is a hero so … you watch the five-second clip and decide for yourself. RELATED: American Airlines Passenger Flies Across the Country with a 149 Pound Great Dane in the Cabin

In the video embedded below, a passenger, who I presume is Norwegian (I did some digging), filmed himself pouring water on the feet of the passenger behind him. Mind you, the passenger was wearing sandals and had his bare feet all the way under the Norwegian dude’s seat, protruding a few inches into his space. Watch the video below:


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There’s no doubt that airlines have shrunk passenger’s space on planes in order to jam more people in. I’m guessing this guy was on a Norwegian Air Shuttle 737 which, according to SeatGuru, only has 29-31 inches of space. To give you a comparison, Southwest Airlines gives passengers 31 inches of pitch (legroom).

Scandinavians are, on average, taller than Americans. Per, the average height of a Norwegian male is 5 feet 10.76 inches, while the average height of an American man is only 5 feet 7.5 inches, according to the CDC.

So let’s say the passenger behind is average size and the seat pitch is just 29 inches. You can understand why his feet are invading the space of the passenger in front of him. On the other hand, most of Norwegian Air Shuttle’s routes are intra-Europe so they’re short haul, which means the guy could have just bent his knees into a comfortable position.

The guy behind did have bare feet and it looks like his feet were touching the Norwegian passenger’s legs, which isn’t cool. I think there are a lot of variables that need to be factored in like: How long was the flight? How tall was the guy behind? Did his feet smell? Did he have an injured leg that needed to be stretched out? Was the pitch only 29 inches? Why didn’t he upgrade to a seat with two more inches of legroom, like the exit row?

If this happened to me I probably would have just turned around and said, “Do you mind?” But the internet, for the most part, seems to be on the side of the guy who poured the water on the other passenger’s feet. Here are some comments left on Instagram:

Oohsomethingshiny: Solidly appropriate

Cchangandco: OJ next time and make them sticky. 🤓

Estiloygracia: Way too kind, I would have just stomped on it! 😎

aspensuperwoman: I’d stand on their toes while I get up to use the washroom and then politely look at them and apologize because I’m passive aggressive.

Melvynstagram: I would make a vomiting sound at the same time 😂🤮

Andreataco: Deserved. I had a man manspread on a plane by putting one of his feet over mine, under the seat in front of mine! I locked him as much as I could (he’d move his fort then move it back). People on planes. 😵‍💫

ddgf13: Better with hot coffee

Virgiledean: Reading the comments make me lose confidence in humanity, ya’ll got to relax and work on your communication. Talking about assaulting someone for the slightest transgression.

I agree with Virgiledean. I think people need to just chill and they also have to worry about retribution. 

So, what would you have done if someone’s feet were in your space?

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  1. Laura|

    I think it would have been more fun to tickle his toes

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