This is something you don’t see every day and as a dog lover, it’s a shame. A TikTok user who goes by the handle @gibbon1215 shared a video of him flying across country with his dog named Darwin. The video has since gone viral and has received over 17 million views and 12,000 comments. RELATED: Should Airlines Offer Pet-Free Flights?

@gibbon1215 captioned the video (embedded below): “Who says Great Danes aren’t airplane dogs. Shoutout to @American Airlines for making our move to Brooklyn a piece of cake though! (Yes I bought 3 seats for us on the plane)”

@gibbon1215 Who says Great Danes aren’t airplane dogs. Shoutout to @American Airlines for making our move to Brooklyn a piece of cake though! (Yes I bought 3 seats for us on the plane) #greatdane #dog #gay #fyp #tiktok #newyork #brooklyn #doggo ♬ Funny Background – Stefani

A great majority of the comments were positive. In fact, it’s difficult to find one that’s not except on View From the Wing’s website, which is where I first discovered the video. Lukas, wrote, “I would have been livid to find that monster of a dog even remotely close to me on an airline.”

But the top comments on @gibbon1215’s post were:

I would 1000% gladly sit next to your buddy than some of these humans who remove their damn shoes!

Kelly Davis
Better behaved then most adults on the flight 😂

Golden Chanterelle
Instantly demanding a refund for my recent flight, which unreasonably lacked a Great Dane

Eleni Garnetti
As a flight attendant … I would do anything for him on my flight

My flight anxiety would be nonexistent if I got to sit next to this angel

I was curious how @gibbon1215 got a 149lb dog on the plane so I did some digging around, which wasn’t too difficult because the next video on his page explains a lot. It turns out Darwin is a service dog and @gibbon1215’s unfortunately has Crohn’s Disease.

In the follow-up video, he explained this and showed his ostomy pouch, which collects stool. He says, “I have Crohn’s disease, which means I currently live with an ileostomy. Um, what that means is I basically have a little piece of my organ, my small intestine, that actually sits outside of my body.”

“How did I actually get her [Darwin] here? “I looked into a lot of options to try to figure out how I could possibly get her here. I looked into driving her myself, I looked into chartering a plane, I looked into having somebody else drive her, but just none of those options seemed really viable.”

“And when I asked how big was the crate underneath the plane, she ended up being bigger than the largest crate available. So that wasn’t gonna be an Option either. So I just researched, honestly, pet friendly airlines and started calling around, and I called American Airlines, and I just talked to the person, and I said that, hey, she’s a service dog. Like, what do I need to do? And I found out that if you have a service dog, no matter what their size, they’re technically allowed on the plane.”

“But when I told her that, uh, she weighs 149 pounds uh, they said, well, she should be comfortable, and you need to be comfortable. I said, of course. So I was like, how about I buy 3 seats on the plane? And they said, yeah, absolutely. That would be totally fine. And that would work.”

“So I then had to fill out this form with the department of transportation, and I submitted the form, and then she said, call this number after 45 minutes. So then I called that number, and they said, okay, well, she’s been approved. And then they sent me over her identification number for the flight, and I bought free seats with the agent, and that was pretty much it.”

@gibbon1215 seems like a great guy and he said he’s happy to answer any questions about traveling with Darwin or about what it’s like living with Crohn’s disease and ileostomy.

He also added it was “definitely a shocker for people walking through the airport to see a literal horse coming towards them.” But Zebrasarefun6789 wrote a comment for dog lovers would probably agree with, “I would have given up my pre-booked window seat to sit on the floor next to her.”

@gibbon1215 Replying to @Parker Roberts Hope this helps answer some questions I’ve been getting! This was just my experience flying with her, but happy to answer more questions, and I have endless content of her. 🐶 #greatdane #dog #crohnsdisease #tiktok #fyp #ostomate ♬ original sound – Gibbon

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24 Comments On "American Airlines Passenger Flies Across the Country with a 149 Pound Great Dane in the Cabin"
  1. FlyGirlDea|

    I am a medically retired Flight Attendant who flies with my own Service Dog. When I was working we were trained to accommodate Service Animals of all sizes, including miniature ponies (true). The only comment would have made about traveling with the Great Dane is that Service Animals were not supposed to be on the seats – only on the floor – no matter how many seats you purchased. But the rules are constantly changing. I’m so glad he was able to travel with you! My Hunter loves it!

  2. Harley|

    If this guy is willing to purchase 3 seats for his dog these “influencers” who complain because they are too large to fit into one seat should shut up and buy an extra seat or 2. The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few….or the one!!!

  3. Sage|

    This is awesome! Why would they block pets they never blocked children who are louder & more trouble. I would much rather fly with a plane full of animals than humans.

  4. Aixa|

    They should allowed more dogs on flights there more behave then more so call human.. if an air line make that call I will defanally will be traveling more by plane with my fur baby’s

  5. Alli M|

    Agreed 🖖🏾

  6. Rosa Castleberry|

    What about humans with allergies to dogs,cats etc.

  7. Mary|

    Great Danes are so relaxing and comforting! I would rather see him on a plane then some dogs…lol. In a emergency that dog can actually help someone!

  8. Leticia Silva|

    Esto es fabuloso un aplauso a la aerolínea y a las sobrecargos gracias por compartir sus videos ✈️👍🥰💕👌👏👏👏

  9. Juanita Gonzales|

    So since they let this huge dog lie on the seats, how do get all the dander, drool, etc cleaned off before the next takeoff? Do they make certain that people with animal allergies don’t sit there on the next flight? Lawsuit coming if next person has a reaction and becoming very ill.

  10. Mugen|

    I’m surprised that’s there’s so many idiots that just have to bring their pets with them! These people are very insecure n seriously need some mental help!

  11. Anonymous|

    The rule at American Airlines the dogs not supposed to be in the passenger seat, unless it’s a celebrity dog

  12. Dee|

    Glad to know American Airlines is so pet friendly. I will choose a different airline when I have a choice. I don’t enjoy having unfamiliar animals around me. I have a fear. I saw no kind of jacket marking this dog as a service animal, i.e. trained. So many people are using these loopholes to bring animals aboard flights. I don’t have a preference for humans who misbehave either. Neither is good IN MY OPINION.

  13. Anonymous|


  14. Ann|

    I’m glad to know American Airlines allows dogs and dog hair all over their seats, I won’t be flying with AA in the future. I can’t even imagine if there is food service and a dog is in close proximity. Yuck!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous|

    Can’t fly AA anymore. I love dogs but, not on an aircraft. I suffer from allergies and dander. Can passengers be alerted when large dogs with no kennel are confirmed in seats????

  16. Anonymous|


  17. Tara|

    My only concern would be someone with allergies. Plus, with an international flight, I would think, at some point, the dog would need to relieve himself.

  18. Hector|

    Animals belong in cargo . If some folks like to fly w/ animals , they should fly in cargo with them .

  19. Ashley|

    I’m a flight attendant, I’ve had pig and many Danes. one guy had 2 Danes. once had Brodie on as well. I’m that Flight Attendant though, who won’t allow non humans on seats.

  20. Mickey|

    What about people who have dog fears (phobias)? I have a dog phobia and never know what I will encounter when I get on a flight. Some gate employees inform me when I ask, while others are annoyed and suggest that I take another flight… People need to be considerate of other people’s needs.

  21. Joyce|

    Ruff, ruff. People , grow up, get some education. And why don’t YOU drive, or take another mode of transportation? Better yet, sign up to defend your country and go over and fight in a combat zone (I did), most of you are too chicken and too selfish to defend your country. Or, what would it be like to lose the use of limbs or eyesight, or any other issue beyond your control. How would you want to be treated if it was you who needed a service animal?? I think you are rude, over privileged snobs that have never had empathy for anyone but yourselves. I fly with my service dog, a 90 lb black lab….BOO ! She is more behaved then most adults on flights these days. And for the flight attendants,thank you to the ones that are open-minded an courteous. So shut up, sit down, and let me and my service dog enjoy our flight.

  22. Brenda b|

    Read that again..your last sentence. People need to be considerate of others needs. This dog is his trained service dog. He NEEDS THE DOG!

  23. Anonymous|

    I think that it’s it really beginning to get out of hand not everyone wants to fly on a plane with huge dog frist only small dogs now 149 lb dog and also someone flew with a pig what’s next it really beginning to get ridiculous and you have to consider other people who feel uncomfortable around these animals I think it’s unfair to say if we don’t like it take a next flight we have appointments ,children and many other affairs that are we need to get to shame shame shame on all of you

  24. JMB|

    About service dog must perform a service for their owner. I wonder what service this particular dog provides for Crohn’s disease.

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