Comfort while you’re traveling is so important. But I’ll be the first to admit; I don’t like to sacrifice my sense of style just to be comfortable. Finding the perfect balance of both is essential.

Adidas’ Ultraboost running shoes are my favorite travel shoe. They are insanely comfortable, science-defyingly lightweight and I love the look and feel of them on my feet. As their name suggests, they use their BOOST technology to add comfort and cushioning to the sole and I’ve never worn a running shoe so comfortable before. They’re made in partnership with the International Space Station US National Laboratory to be seriously high performance.

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Now that we aren’t traveling at the moment and gyms are closed, I’ve been walking twice a day (clocking between 8 and 10 miles a day) and my Adidas Ultraboosts have made that so much easier on the soles of my feet and on my knees. (Sadly, my daily outdoor walks are currently curtailed due to the poor air quality caused by the west coast wildfires.) But all that pounding of the pavement has beaten my hardworking shoes into the ground – so I was VERY excited to see them on sale for 50% off on Macy’s today. At $180 regularly, $90 is a steal. And even at $180, they’re so comfortable, I feel like they’re worth every penny.

Read all the five-star reviews (there’s a total of 2411 reviews on Macy’ at the time of publication) and you’ll see that these shoes have a bit of a cult following but I can confirm that they’re as lightweight (so good for packing as they weigh next to nothing) and comfy (perfect for long travel days and lots of walking) as everyone says.

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of kicks for travel, future travel or quarantine walks and workouts, I highly recommend these. And at 50% off, you can’t beat the price. They currently have a full range of sizes but the sale ends tonight and I suspect they’ll go quick so get yours now! 

Some of their men’s styles are on sale as well; check them out here.

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