My family and I haven’t been to Europe since before the pandemic and we haven’t been on a cruise since 2016, right before our first child was born. To say we’re excited is an understatement! Before we left home for our Mediterranean cruise, we were writing about some of our planning and packing tips, like this one: Going on a Cruise? Be Sure to Pack This

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We did a lot of research to make sure that we were fully prepared for our trip – from flights and on-the-ground transportation to shore excursions and must-have gadgets for hotels and our cruise ship cabin.

A reader left a comment on one of our articles recommending magnetic hooks for our cabin walls and it was something I’d never thought of before.
It’s such a great idea and one I hadn’t even considered. Despite having been on many cruises pre-kids, I’m not sure I even realized the cabin walls were made of metal and would therefore hold magnets. But with so many must-have gadgets to pack, did I really want to add another to my list? Because all those little things you pack really do add up and take up more and more room in your bag.

I hopped on over to Amazon to check them out. The magnets are small, inexpensive and with over 40,000 reviews, I thought I’d take a closer look. Many people said they use them for cruises, just as our reader suggested so I bought a pack of 10 for $7.99.

The hooks I got are super small and the hooks have to be screwed into the magnetic base, which is about the size of a dime, maybe even smaller. I like how small they are because they really take up no room to pack. According to the product description, they can hold up to 27lbs but I can’t see them holding so much weight.

When we got settled into our cruise ship cabin, I unpacked everything from our suitcases into the drawers and shelves, hung up some clothes and put the suitcases under the bed. I hung the hooks up on the walls and sure enough, they stayed up great and are so handy.

We hang our cruise ship IDs, which are on a long lanyard, there so every time we leave the cabin, we know exactly where they are. I also hang the paper itinerary we get every day so that we can always quickly locate it and check out what’s happening on-board that day, (otherwise it often gets misplaced or lost). I hung up my denim jacket, my beach/pool bag, some clothes and the kids’ backpacks to get them off the floor and the hooks holds everything just fine. One backpack is empty and one has a few items in it but the hooks hold both no problem.

In a cruise ship cabin when space is at a premium and staying organized is crucial for keeping your sanity, these small and inexpensive magnetic hooks are a great idea and are very useful. When I return home, they can be used around the house for a multitude of purposes.

Thanks for the great tip, Debbie!

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5 Comments On "A Reader Suggested This Little-Known Cruise Essential I Never Knew Existed and She Was Spot-On"
  1. Ann|

    We bought a magnetic motion sensor light to put on the wall. At night when the bathroom called we weren’t stumbling in the dark. At home I’ve got it on the side of the heater for the same reason. Didn’t cost much, battery operated. Check it out for your next cruise!
    They say it’s unavailable now, but there must be others on the market,

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thanks

  2. Stacie|

    The magnets did not work on the Tauck Danube River cruise ship/boat this past December. Maybe only the the ocean going vessels?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! I will have to ask some of my friends who have sailed on river ships. It’s been 4-5 years for me.

  3. Yvonne Wippel|

    Thanks for sharing this. As I have been thinking about going on a cruise ( never been on one) with my fiance I appreciate you. Please keep posting.

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