One of the alarming trends in travel is the rise of people using personal speakers and making phone calls without using headphones. You would think that once the ’80s and ’90s were over, so would the era of boom boxes. Back then, you could find just a few people carrying these suitcase-sized stereos blasting music. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone that allows users to play music, watch movies and talk on the phone with or without headphones. TIP: If you’re not traveling with noise-cancelling headphones, you should be. Here are some options to consider.

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Since headphones and earbuds are so inexpensive, you would think that most people would use them … not only out of common courtesy so as not to annoy fellow passengers but also so that others won’t hear your personal conversations.

Unfortunately, none of this seems to matter to some people and from my experience, this lack of consideration doesn’t just happen within one particular age group, nationality, race or socio-economic group. This behavior runs the gamut and it happens on almost every flight I take. (On a related note, this is the one thing some women do on an airplane … and I can’t believe it’s not illegal.)

It even happens in the airline clubs where executives are having what are supposed to be highly confidential calls. I seriously don’t get it and it really bugs me.

Just the other day, I watched a middle-aged man turn the volume all the way up on his phone, pop it in his pocket and start jogging along a path near the ocean, blasting his music.

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I also find it extremely annoying when you’re on the beach and are forced to listen to other people’s FaceTime calls or music instead of the soothing sound of the ocean. It happened last week on the beach in L.A. and in Waikiki, when I was there in January.

In both of those incidents I was able to just pick up my belongings and move but on an airplane, you can’t. I’ve only seen one or two flight attendants scold passengers for doing this, which is shocking because if it was me, I would make sure they complied.

I really hope the flight crew made these two women comply on a recent TUI flight, The video they took has been reposted by several accounts and has garnered millions of views.

One Twitter handle, @CensoredMen, posted the 29-second video with the caption, “Women blast music on the plane as if they own it.” See embedded video below.

The worst part of the video, besides the obvious lack of consideration, is that when one of the women spots another passenger with her head down, covering her ears from the loud music, she laughs and flips her the bird. The video has received hundreds of comments, mostly slamming the rude behavior, though some comments were divided. One commenter simply said, “Don’t fly economy” while another said, “Live a little. Turn up. Life is short.”

However, one person, Joe Murfin, might offer the best advice: “Last time I’ll share this tip. If someone is playing music off their phone and it’s rude. Don’t ask them to turn it down or start an argument. Just get out your phone and play the chuckle brothers theme as loud as it will go. They will soon stop.”

What do you think? Do you see people playing music, watching videos or talking on speaker phones without earbuds when you travel? Does it bother you too or am I getting grumpy?


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3 Comments On "VIDEO: Women Blast Music On The Plane As If They Own It and the Internet Isn't Happy"
  1. Diane|

    If it’s a close phone call/facetime–I join in and interject comments. Loud movie I don’t want to hear–more comments. If it’s music — I start singing. (I don’t have a singing voice) I try not to be confrontational about it, but it usually works. On the flip side, I’ve enjoyed some great conversations with folks who just didn’t think it through.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good advice!

  2. Shopaddict88|

    seriously, when adults are watching without headphones!? come on!!! I complain to the air hostess because I’m usually trying to sleep!

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