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One of the funniest quotes I’ve read in a while, I found on Threads. @Clary_poppins wrote: “In LA, the firework grand finales start at around 9:30pm and go on for about two weeks.”


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Unfortunately, Clary is right except it also starts weeks before. Growing up, I loved, and I mean loved, Fourth of July celebrations because my parents would take me to their friend’s annual party and they would have tons of fireworks. The older kids used to let me light off firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles. It was one of the highlights of my year.

That was until one year, one of the fireworks somehow malfunctioned and hit one of the spectators right in the stomach. He had to be rushed to the hospital with severe burns. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time I saw something like this happen, which is why I’ve since lost my excitement for them.

That can’t be said about the residents of Los Angeles. It’s seriously crazy how many fireworks are shot off and worse, they do it at all hours of the night. If you need proof of how many people shoot fireworks off, check out the video embedded below from our local news.


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@Mrdeadsleep: FIREWORKS BANNED! ? L.A. “Hold my beer..”

@Boozhwasoul: On my way to work this morning, dead dogs and a cat spattled all over the road. I felt so bad for the owners who couldn’t find their dogs after waking up.

@yan._.nic: People hating on Taylor Swift for using a jet to get everywhere, because it’s bad for the environment but then proceed to spend all their money on fireworks, 500IQ move

@abunaformama: So now it just looks like the rest of the country on the 4th.

@Alewar: As a parent now I hate fireworks. It’s so hard to put young kids to bed with fireworks going off at night. I’m okay with fireworks. I think they do have their time and place. But can we agree on a fireworks curfew?

@Gainesm: Wonder how many fires started because of those clowns.

Here’s a cleaner and longer version, direct from KCAL 9.

KTLA is reporting “a dispute between neighbors over fireworks turned violent in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley on Thursday, and authorities say four people were stabbed.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the dispute was about them shooting fireworks off late at night since the incident took place around midnight.


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