Banff National Park Alberta Canada April 2015-027The Country Where Everything Is 25% Off
People are always asking me where they should go on their next vacation. It’s not a black-and-white answer, of course, since there are so many variables, like: whether you like warm or cold weather, whether you like to be active or just sit on a beach, etc. So the next question I get is about where people can get the most for their money. There are a lot of countries where the US dollar goes far, but one that many Americans seem to forget about is our northern neighbor.

Canada is the second-largest country in terms of land mass, but it has only 35 million people, about a tenth of the population of the United States of America. Yes, it’s huge and less populated—and it’s also beautiful. Have you ever been to Lake Louise in Alberta? Or Granville Market in British Columbia? The Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto? Or walked the streets of Montreal? Canada is incredibly diverse and full of things to do. And right now it’s a huge bargain.

Canada is in a recession and one Canadian dollar (or loonie as the Canucks call it) is currently trading at $0.75 (here’s the up-to-the minute exchange rate). That means everything is 25% off to Americans! You can’t get much more of a bargain than that, especially since it wasn’t long ago (January 2013) that the Canadian dollar was actually a tad stronger than the US dollar.

All those that haven’t been to Canada will be pleasantly surprised not only by its natural beauty but by how clean it is, how nice the locals are and how safe it is. Canada will always hold a special place in my heart as the place my wife is from and where we got married. (BTW: Did I ever tell you about my crazy wedding day in Toronto where my dad almost died and missed our ceremony?)

It’s a marvelous country and I’m there all the time since my wife still lives in Toronto (yes, we commute). Below are some of the stories I’ve written on Canada:



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: The Country Where Everything Is 25% Off"
  1. Jane|

    Love Canada! So many great destinations – don’t forget Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island – ok the Maritime provinces in total! Haliifax and the Maritime Museum, and so much more.
    For campers and hikers the provincial parks are excellent. Quebec City is lovely and historic. Even closer to the US, Windsor has much to offer.

    Can’t say enough for the country that makes you feel right at home!

  2. Brijesh|

    Good to know about Canada, a simple but useful tip. Do we have ask for 25% or its already published the same?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You don’t ask. It’s just the value

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