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We often write about why frequent fliers use Apple AirTags (buy them here) or other similar tracking devices when they travel. These handy little gadgets are perfect for slipping into your luggage so you always know exactly where your suitcase is … even when the airline doesn’t.

They became extremely popular when air travel resumed post-pandemic and quickly became a nightmare. Because of a confluence of events (an extreme increase in demand for travel, labor shortages and even weather in some cases), airlines were struggling to maintain smooth operations. That meant that all the things that could go wrong did and one of those things was lots and lots of lost luggage, something we saw at airports around the world.

Tracking devices like an Apple AirTag (at the time of this publication, the four-pack is currently on sale for the lowest price we’ve seen in over a year) will allow you to track your checked luggage, which can give you a lot of peace of mind. And a protective AirTag keychain holder like this one, is a great accessory so you can easily secure it to something (they can also be used on a dog collar, on your house keys or car keys if you’re always losing them or anything else you have a habit of losing). Check out more Apple AirTag cases, keychains and holders here. NOTE: The single Apple AirTags are also on sale for 17% off at the time of this publication, down to $24 each from $29, however  the four-pack is a better deal because at the current price of $79 for four, they’re less than $20 each.

If you are on an Android phone and use Samsung SmartTags, then check out these covers and keychains here.

You can also use a Tile tracking device and this Tile case.

Use Apple AirTags, Samsung SmartTags and Tile tracking devices to keep track of your luggage, backpack, purse or tote bag on your travels and it’s one less thing to be stressed out about when you travel. When you’re at home, they’re handy for daily use items like your house keys and car keys. They also make a great gift any time of year.


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5 Comments On "Apple AirTags Are Currently on Sale For the Lowest Price We've Seen in Over a Year"
  1. Craig|

    We travelled to the Bahamas in late May from Chicago on UAL. Just prior to boarding, an announcement was made advising passengers that if they had air tags in their carry-on bags, the batteries would have to be removed. We obliged but wondered about the devices we had in our checked bags. Does this pose a problem for the aircraft?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Are you sure they said AirTags? I’ve never heard of this before

  2. Darlene Amiel|

    You aren’t supposed to check a Lithium Battery. Which an Apple Air Tag has.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      These are fine

  3. Deb|

    Hi Johnny,
    I purchased about 6 Apple Airtags for my trip to Europe. I attached them to my checked luggage, my husband’s carry-on luggage, to each of our “personnel items” and onto my mini purse before boarding our flight. I was thrilled to immediately see that my checked luggage had arrived at our destination because I had located the Airtag on my iPhone 13! – I have one word of caution regarding the Airtags. Be sure that the Airtag holder does not have an easily removable clip. The one that was on my mini purse probably fell off when I was walking around in Florence, Italy. I did not lose my mini purse, but the Airtag is now at someone’s home near Lucca, Italy. Since I have returned to the USA, I have little chance of getting it back. The Airtags cost around $30 each, so that was a disappointing loss!

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