Earlier this year, Molly Simonson Lee posted a heartfelt photo of a Delta Air Lines flight attendant comforting a nervous flyer. Molly really captured the moment and it has resonated with so many people. At the time of this publication, the viral Facebook post has over 6,000 shares and 500 comments. RELATED: How I Overcame My Fear of Flying

Molly wrote: “Check out this gem of a flight attendant that was on our flight from CLT to JFK. This woman was so nervous about flying, so he explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand when it still got to be too much for her. @delta, Floyd Dean-Shannon deserves a raise! ?”

I recently wrote about the top 20 safest airlines to fly in 2023 according to new airline safety ratings results. One of the reasons I wrote the article is because I too used to be terrified to fly. Actually, I was not only afraid to fly but afraid to leave the house. Fortunately, I overcame my fears and have now flown millions of miles and have been to at least 70 countries. Here’s how I overcame my fear of flying.

When I was afraid to fly, there’s no doubt I would have loved to have had Floyd sitting down next to me, holding my hand and explaining all the noises. Heck, I wouldn’t mind it today.

In follow-up comments on her post, Lee said that Floyd: “radiated kindness and warmth. He even said: “if no one else has said it to you, I love you.”

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I’ve probably flown over 100 different airlines all over the world and when I’m asked which airline has the best flight attendants, I reply that it’s usually the Asian or Middle Eastern carriers. However, the best flight attendant I’ve ever flown with works for Delta. A woman named Candy was genuinely amazing and made that flight unforgettable … and that was before I even knew there was a fallen soldier on our flight. FYI: I wrote about that life-changing experience and shared a video, which went viral when I first published them. You can read the article and watch the video here.

But back to Floyd: It looks like he actually works for Endeavor, which is a regional carrier for Delta as the plane they’re on is a CRJ-900.

One of Molly’s commenters named Dee Streeter wrote: “he works for endeavor which is a regional carrier for delta. I am an endeavor family member for 15 years. These flight attendants and pilots get paid less than main line delta employees with not as good benefits or schedules. I shared this with his colleagues and to reach endeavor management in hopes he is recognized!”

To give you an idea how many people this photo and story resonated with, just check out some of these comments from Molly’s followers:

Ashleigh VanLiere
Oh my goodness what an amazing human being!!! Not all heroes wear capes & not all angels have wings

Heather J
We have flown numerous times and hands down will always choose delta!! Their flight attendants are all amazing!!! My 11 year old was absolutely petrified to fly her first time and the attendants we had on our flights to and from our destination spoiled her rotten!! When they knew the plane was going to make some scary noises they came to help distract her and next thing she knew we were on the ground.

Courtney Mize
This makes my heart smile. I am awful on planes. I miss out on travel unless by car. This would have made my year.

Kelly Isabel Gomez Guevara
Delta Air Lines this is viral. He deserves a raise!!! Floyd is enough to make me want to switch to Delta next time I fly.

Jennifer Brooks Houchin
What a simple (and at the same time) enormous act of kindness! The world needs more kind hearted and caring individuals like Floyd! ❤️

Śaṅkarī Matychak
Even his holding a cuppa like that coveys how calm and casual he feels-indicating to the woman how unafraid he is. Delta Air Lines please commend this employee. ????

Nicole Kelly
Just sitting next to her with his coffee like it’s the most normal thing to do  we need to find him cause I would love to buy him a coffee…or 10!

Nicole Tracy
As someone afraid to fly, this literally made me teary. He is amazing!

Sarah Miller
What’s his schedule? Asking for a….me ? I have such a crippling fear of flying, so I never flew.

Without a doubt, the airline industry specifically and the world in general needs more Floyds. Do you agree? Who was the best flight attendant you’ve ever flown with? Please share in the comments below.


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2 Comments On "This Flight Attendant's Act of Kindness Wins the Internet"
  1. Sage Morton|

    First off, look at Floyd. He exudes positivity and grace. It warms my heart to see him being recognized for clearly loving what he does. There is nothing but sincerity on his face and that, in and of itself, is beautiful. I truly hope that this picture gets to the right people at Delta and ensures that Floyd is not only given a (much deserved) very hefty raise, but also a publicly recognized appreciation for being so genuine with his work.
    More people need to be recognized for the things they do and not for the actual money they can see being brought in. I imagine he has indirectly brought in more repeat business for Delta Airlines than they will every know. Definitely more than their ruthless, penny pinching sales team.

  2. LauraH|

    These are skills that can’t be taught. Floyd apparently is just a great human being and that carries over into his work. I hope that his employer recognizes him for going waaay above and beyond.

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