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Things have gotten so bad for Boeing, there’s now a website that will tell travelers if they’re scheduled to fly on one of their planes. It’s no secret that Boeing, once one of the most respected companies in the world, has had a rough several years. RELATED: Don’t Want to Fly on a Boeing 737 Max 9 Plane? Here are Three Easy Ways to Avoid It

Boeing airplane in factory.There’s been a string of accidents that have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of passengers. John Oliver from Last Week Tonight, did an excellent job documenting why and when Boeing’s troubles started. Watch the video below. I’ve heard from multiple Boeing pilots, industry insiders and even a Boeing employee that his take is spot on.

YouTube video

I don’t think the general public knew about Boeing executives’ corporate greed and buy back stock bonanza, so most only remember the problems starting in January 2013 when a Boeing 787 Dreamliner had lithium-ion battery problems. The aircraft was grounded for three months and according to Wikipedia, “this was the first time that the FAA had grounded an airliner type since 1979.”

Then, after two 737 Max 8 crashes within six months of each other and that type of aircraft being grounded in 2019 for almost two years, many people didn’t want to fly on a Max airplane. Heck, even a former senior manager at Boeing’s 737 factory in Renton, Washington told NewsNation, that he specifically avoids flying on Max airliners due to safety concerns. He said: “I fly all the time. And even I schedule myself away from a Max.” Ed Pierson said he’s even walked off planes after learning they’re a Max.

After the 737 Max was cleared to fly again by the FAA, the booking website Kayak created a filter, which allows users to exclude any planes they don’t want to fly on, including the 737 Max. Just input your city pairs and dates and hit search. You will be given a slew of options, including the option to exclude any types of planes, including the 737 Max 9. Here’s how.

According to Scripps News, Kayak says “ever since Jan. 6, the day after the door plug flew off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9, they have seen an increase of 15 times the amount of folks searching to exclude a Max 9 in their travel plans.”

If you don’t want to use the Kayak search tool and you just want to find out if you’re flying on a Boeing plane, there’s a new website that’s simple to use. Just log on to Am I Flying on a Boeing? and enter your airline, flight number and date.

I just tested it with a flight I’ve taken many times and I know it’s not a Boeing airplane. I inputted American Airlines flight 31 between LAX and Honolulu and the results were: “NO. Phew, you’re flying on a Airbus A321neo.” See screenshot below.

I also input an Air Canada flight (788) that I’ve taken many times. I know it is a Boeing 787 and the results came back with, “YES. You’re flying on a Boeing 787-9.” See screenshot below.

The basic website was created by a travel agency and it’s pretty brilliant marketing. Below the information, they add this sales pitch: “Travel with Anecdote and we’ll make sure your trip is always crafted just the way you like it, down to the aircraft model.”

Also, on the results page but in small print, they state: “In all reality, air travel remains remarkably safe. You’re more likely to die on the car ride to the airport. Also, sometimes your aircraft may get changed last minute; this is just a projection.”

It’s true, airlines do have to swap aircraft when one breaks down but it’s rare to go from one aircraft manufacturer to another. I’ve been on dozens of planes where the aircraft type was changed but never have they’ve gone from an Airbus to a Boeing or vice versa.

I also have no problems flying a Boeing aircraft. In fact, I will be on multiple Boeing planes next month.


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    Of course when you are scrolling through flight options and view the flight details it will show you the type of plane. Just click on Show Details. Sorry this comment box won’t allow me to add a screenshot.

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