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I just returned from a three-day, two-night, work trip which took me LAX-JFK, LGA-BNA-DFW-LAX. I sat in a wide variety of seats from a luxurious lie-flat seat to a cramped economy middle seat and I was amazed at how some passengers were so blasé about what they were working on or watching. I also encountered two passengers sitting next to me who were so paranoid that I was looking at what they were typing.

It was almost comical because anytime I looked across the aisle at the window, to see what was on the other side of the plane, my seatmate thought I was looking at her screen. Then the business passenger who was typing something had the print so small he could barely read it himself. But that small font trick does work.

My view is for business passengers or those working on sensitive material to always be smart and cautious when viewing important information on a plane or in an airport lounge—or anywhere in public.

If you don’t like people looking over your shoulder when you’re using your laptop, then get a privacy screen filter like I use. When I busted my laptop and screen out, I could tell both of my seatmates were trying to figure out what was going on. They were definitely envious.

That’s because these lightweight screens prevent your seatmates or passersby from seeing your screen. The only way the screen can be seen is by sitting directly in front of it. That’s how I can do my work or read emails without worrying that someone is watching over my shoulder.

It truly shocks me that more business travelers don’t have one as these Privacy Shields. They cost as little as $29. I have had a Belkin one and a 3M one, which were more expensive ($45-$99) but you get what you pay for.

So if you want to work on your laptop on planes, trains, and buses, and in airports and cafés, without having to worry about seatmates or passersby peeking over your shoulder, then get one of these privacy shields. They even sell them for your phone for half the price.

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