Obviously I’m not a flight attendant but there have been many periods in my life where I’ve flown as much as one, if not more. In a 41-second TikTok video by flight attendant Kat Kamalani, titled The Nastiest Parts of an Airplane From A Flight Attendant, she showcases 7 quick tips and highlights the dirtiest things on an airplane (see her video below). Many of the tips are common sense and I’ve written about them before but especially due to our experience living through a global pandemic, it never hurts to reminded about the things that carry the most germs so we can avoid them and stay safer and healthier while flying.

Here are Kat Kamalani’s 7 tips about the dirtiest things on an airplane:

1. First things first, do not touch the seatback pocket. They clean them out between flights but they don’t sanitize them. Think of all the dirty tissues, barf bags and garbage that have been in there.

2. Next, if you’re going to use your tray table make sure you sanitize it. I have seen so many parents use this as a changing table for their child’s diaper and then they put it in the seat back pocket.

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3. Yeah, those air vents, they’ve seen thousands of hands. Wipe them down before you touch them.

4. Next up is our safety guide cards. We don’t sanitize them and a lot of people touch and read them to pass the time.

5. In the fifth tip, she shows a video of a seatbelt buckle and says, “Yeah, just wipe it.”

6. Next, when entering the lavatory, use a tissue to lock the door. *I also recommend using the tissue to unlock the door as well.

7. The seventh and final tip Kamalani gives is geared towards female travelers so I had no idea about it. “You can always find pads hidden in a compartment in the lavatory,” she says.

You don’t have to be a user of TikTok to view the video (I’ve embedded it below) and although most of these tips are common sense, it’s still great that she’s getting the message out there so passengers who don’t fly often (and even those who do) can stay healthier.

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4 Comments On "The 7 Dirtiest Things on an Airplane According to a Flight Attendant"
  1. SMS|

    Don’t forget to wipe down the window shade handle, the TV screen, and the head and arm rests.

    1. Johnny Jet|


  2. Mary Poppins|

    Many people do ride in airplanes for holiday I think airline companies must take care of this matter, aside from high fare price they must ensure the safety of thier customers. Thanks for sharing this article so the people is aware and fullfill what airline companies flaws.

  3. Michelle Winner|

    Wipe the overhead bin handle before you touch it if you are going into your luggage or after landing before you retrieve your bag. Seat tops too as many people walk down the aisle hanging on to each seat top for balance during flight. Seat recline buttons, inflight ent. Screens anything and everything!
    I really think airlines should clean and sanitize after every flight or every long haul at least. The hospitality industry is doing this, why can’t the airlines be required to do so?

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