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Yikes! This was a scary scene out of London Heathrow’s International Airport yesterday. Andy Monks shared two videos on X with the caption: “Neither of these videos are mine but were forwarded via WhatsApp…so I’ve no idea who to credit…some videos of today’s fire at Heathrow…glad everyone is safe!” RELATED: The Trick to Saving Up to an Hour at One of the Busiest Airports in the World

According to the Evening Standard, “A fire broke out on stairs next to a British Airways plane at Heathrow Airport, leaving the vehicle clouded in smoke. Footage shared on social media on Monday shows flames ripping through the front of a ground vehicle parked besides a A320 plane at Terminal 5 of the London airport. Flames and large clouds of black smoke are seen coming from the mobile stairs, used to help passengers get on their flights.”

According to The Mirror, “Heathrow Airport confirmed no passengers were onboard the aircraft at the time. A spokesperson said the airport fire service had attended to the incident promptly. The aircraft affected, registered as G-EUYO, last flew in to Heathrow from Athens, Greece, at 5.14pm this afternoon, but no one was onboard the plane when the fire happened beside it.”

The Mirror also reports, a British Airways spokesperson said: “Emergency services quickly extinguished a small fire of a third party ground vehicle. No customers were impacted and there were no injuries.”

I’ve never seen a fire like this before and I hope I never do. This could have ended really badly, as you can imagine. Large flames next to a plane full of flames is scary to just write about. I’m thankful everyone was safe.

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