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London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic. Tens of thousands of passengers pass through LHR each day and I used to hate it because it felt like every time I went through security there, my bags would get flagged and the agents would take their sweet time, meticulously going through every item in my luggage. RELATED: 10 Airport Security Hacks Every Traveler Needs to Know

The ordeal would add as much as a half-hour, and usually, it was because of something ridiculous like a small form of liquid or gel (like lip balm) I’d forgotten to place in a plastic bag. Or, it was because I had too many electronics, cords and cameras, which can be cause for concern (especially at Heathrow, apparently). RELATED: America’s Best and Worst Airports – Plan Your Travels Accordingly

So if you don’t want to risk missing your flight or take time away from shopping or showering in the lounge, be sure that when you go through London Heathrow’s security checkpoints, that you place all, and I mean all, of your liquids in plastic bags and take out all of your electronics and place them in security bins. And it’s not just Heathrow – this applies to any airport where you have to bag liquids and take out electronics. Pack properly and be prepared. And when it comes to removing electronics, keep everything as organized and streamlined as you can. A tech organizer like this one will keep all your cables, cords, earphones and chargers neatly organized and easy to remove from your bag at a security checkpoint. It also makes a great gift for anyone on your shopping list who loves to travel.

Now, I breeze through Heathrow and I love it … especially T5!

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6 Comments On "The Trick to Saving Up to an Hour at One of the Busiest Airports in the World"
  1. Barbara|

    This is off topic, but hope you can give me some insight. I booked a flight with British Airways to and from Europe Feb. 22 to April 7. However, I noticed that the planes listed on my itinerary are for American Airlines. In the event of delays, cancellations etc. what airlines should I contact.
    thanks for the help.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Definitely American

  2. Carolyn Wilke|


  3. Sharon Adams|

    Going to Vienna to join my sister and BIL on a trip to Portugal in May. Fully vaccinated so probably will not have a problem.

  4. Jeffrey Pallin|

    I am currently in Vienna, and I had to provide a PCR test, even though I am fully vaccinated (Jensen). Also i usually breeze through Security with Global Entry, but this time ALL Austrian Airlines passenger WERE required to check in physically, and must present the Vaccination status, PCR test, and than the agent adds the Pre designation in a physical boarding pass. That may change by May and it may be different at other airports +(mine was ORD), but something to consider. If you fly Austrian, I would really recommend getting Star Alliance Biometrics, connect it with Miles & More. This will allow you to use the Green Biometrics Passport control when flying out of Schwechat!

  5. Jeffrey Pallin|

    I initially had trouble getting the Star Alliance Biometrics signup to work, but I eventually figured out that it will NOT work with VPN on. You will need to use the App on a cellphone for the signup process.

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