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FYI: The photo above is from May 2021, when my dad saw his grandkids for the first time in over 18 months. Here’s the back story.

Below is the latest on my 93-year old dad’s experience with Covid. If you scroll further down, you will be able to read about his first and second bouts with COVID-19 (in August 2021 and January 2022). The doctor and nurses said that because he was double vaccinated he survived but he did have to be in the hospital and then a rehab for weeks. The second bout was much easier and we’re praying the third is the same.

May 26, 2022
My family and I arrived on the east coast late Saturday night so we could visit my 93 year-old dad, who is living in a senior home in Connecticut and is really slowing down. Here’s my LAX-JFK trip report, which includes getting four business class tickets (using miles) for the price of one.

We spent a couple of hours with my dad outside on both Sunday and Monday and we only got close to him for  hello, goodbye and a few quick photos. Then we sat six feet apart and chatted.

The nurse said that he was tested for COVID with both a PCR and a rapid test. The rapid test came back negative, which is why we were comfortable being close to him but the PCR test, which  took two days to return results, came back positive.

I’m so upset because we were planning on spending much of the next week with him as he’s been longing to see his California grandkids, who he only gets to see on FaceTime. But now my dad is in isolation for 10 days and we will be long gone by then so he probably won’t be able to hug Jack and Olivia ever again, which really breaks my heart.

Right now he’s doing well with no real symptoms except he had a sore throat. He had his second booster 10 days ago so hopefully he’s protected. Fingers crossed.

May 29, 2022
My dad was rushed to the hospital a couple of days ago but he’s doing better. He actually tested negative in the hospital so hopefully he will get out tomorrow.

June 3, 2022
Sorry for not updating this but I have a lot going on and my siblings weren’t sure how much we should share but here it is… It turns out the hospital says my dad didn’t have Covid for a third time so we’re not sure what’s going on. Fortunately, my sister Georgette who has now saved my father from dying multiple times went to his isolation room in his senior home and spent time with him even though it wasn’t advised. It turns out that some of the workers were neglecting my dad and he was severely dehydrated, fell and has a slight fracture on his hip. He’s in bad shape and I really thought he was going to kick it on my birthday a few days ago. But he’s a fighter and he might be getting discharged today. Either way he has a long road to recovery because he’s not the same person he was 11 days ago.

June 6, 2022
My dad was released from the hospital but he’s still kind of out of it because they keep giving him drugs to calm him down because he keeps trying to get up out of bed. It also makes him delusional as he sees people who aren’t there. It’s quite scary but they say it’s normal. Fingers crossed he snaps out of it.

June 12, 2022
My dad seems to be doing much better now that the heavy medication is wearing off. Though he still sleeps a lot. He’s in a jetlag like routine which isn’t good for anyone where he sleeps all day and is up in the night. I think I need to take him to Australia or Asia so he can snap out of it. J/K

June 16, 2022
My dad is doing MUCH BETTER! The heavy meds he was taking have wore off and he’s coherent again. It’s like night and day. Truly amazing. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and positive thoughts.

August 2021

Shortly after I sent yesterday’s newsletter, I received a call that my dad was being rushed to a hospital in Connecticut (we recently moved him out of Florida and back to his home state). At first, they thought he had a UTI because his back hurt and he had a 100.4º fever. Turns out, he has COVID-19. My dad’s going to be 93 in November so when my sister told me, my heart dropped.

I quickly put a cheap, first class seat for the next flight out on hold  (I wrote about this tip last week). Then I debated hard with myself about whether I really wanted to go into a room where I know the person has COVID-19 and risk bringing it home to my unvaccinated children. But the nurse made the decision for me when she said, “Don’t come, no visitors allowed.”

I figured this would be the case but you never know these days, and if this is it for my dad, I wanted to give him one last hug goodbye, and tell him how much I love him, even if it meant seeing him for just a second in full PPE. He probably wouldn’t even have known who I was because he’s been out of it and the emergency room misplaced his cochlear hearing aid, which is a whole other story and nightmare.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter (sign up here) before all of this unfolded, I was excited about last night’s Field of Dreams game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in the first ever MLB game in Iowa (here are the highlights). It turned out to be a great distraction (and game) since I love baseball, the Yankees and the movie Field of Dreams. But the night was even more emotional watching all the father/son clips and stories from the characters and baseball analysts.

I’m so fortunate to have my dad for so long and to have such a loving one at that, but I most certainly don’t want him to die alone and isolated in a hospital. Fortunately, the nurse thinks he will pull through thanks to him being vaccinated back in February. I know he’s been fairly careful so it just goes to show how easily this variant spreads. I also found out that another loved one has caught COVID-19 and he too was vaccinated, dined only outdoors and still caught it.

I’m hoping and praying my dad recovers so I can say to him, “Hey, dad, you wanna have a catch?”

UPDATE: August 14, 2021
I just spoke to my dad on FaceTime and he looked and sounded so much better. He’s still in the hospital and will be for at least a few more days. The nurse said he should survive because he was fully vaccinated. I also told my dad about all the emails and comments from readers like you from around the world. I let him know that there are so many people pulling and praying for him. He was deeply moved, just as I was. My deepest thanks for all the love, prayers and positive thoughts sent our way. It has meant more to us than you know.

UPDATE: August 15, 2021
I just spoke to my dad and a nurse was in the room with him. She said my dad’s doing well! He hasn’t been on oxygen for a couple of days and he’s improving. You really have to give it to the brave men and women working in hospitals. They’re in a room with someone like my dad, who has COVID and is coughing everywhere. Given how transmissible the virus is, I don’t think I could do it, even with a face shield, an N95 and a surgical mask like she had on. I thanked her for taking care of not only my dad but for every COVID patient who has passed through those halls. Hero.

UPDATE: August 16, 2021
I haven’t spoken to my dad yet for the day but my sister spoke to his nurse who said he’s extremely tired, which is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. The doctors hope to get him out of bed and moving around a bit today but he’s so tired he hasn’t even answered my multiple calls.

UPDATE: August 17, 2021 (10amPT)
I haven’t spoken to my dad in more then 36 hours despite calling him almost every hour. Normally, I speak to my father at least three times a day so this is very worrisome. The hospital requested that just one of us call the nurse and that honor goes to the eldest, so my sister updates me twice a day. She said my dad’s doing okay but is extremely tired. So naturally, I’m worried but I’m hopeful. Thank you again for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

UPDATE: August 17, 2021 (11amPT)
I just spoke to my dad (finally!) He said he feels a bit better but he’s still miserable and is coughing. But he doesn’t have a fever or need any supplemental oxygen. He did say his back is really itchy and he’s lonely. I think one of the worst things about COVID or any transmissible virus is that people can’t visit their loved ones. You can’t ask the nurses to keep patients company or do little things like scratch his back. Here’s hoping they put some cream on it.

UPDATE: August 18, 2021
I spoke to my dad earlier and he looked and sounded much better. What a relief. I realize he’s not out of the woods yet but he’s sure on the right path. Fingers crossed. Thank you again for all of your love and support.

UPDATE: August 19, 2021
I haven’t spoken to my dad yet but I did just before he went to sleep last night. He’s doing much better except COVID is making him forgetful and confused, which is one of the side effects, especially for the elderly. The doctor also told my sister that he will be there for at least a few more days and that my dad’s insurance doesn’t want to cover his hospital stay since he didn’t need oxygen. Crazy, right?

UPDATE: August 20, 2021
I haven’t spoken to my dad in over 36 hours. I’ve tried calling him multiple times but he hasn’t answered. My sister spoke to his nurse and said he’s extremely tired and his hearing aid wasn’t working yesterday. They’re charging it now so hopefully in a few hours I can speak to him. But I know he’s not getting out for at least a few more days. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: August 21, 2021
I finally spoke to my dad last night. He couldn’t hear me because his hearing aid wasn’t charged so he really seemed out of it. He was extremely tired and just told me that he loved me. It saddens me that he’s wilting away in a hospital bed and I know it would be different if he could have me and other loved ones around to help him and keep him company.

After reading this NPR article about how highly vaccinated Israel is seeing a huge uptick in COVID-19 cases, I think that my dad problem may have been he was vaccinated (Pfizer) so long ago (his second shot was administered on Feb 4). It appears at least to me that after reading the article that the vaccine may have started to wear off because my cousins who were with him two days before in his room were vaccinated in May and tested negative. I wish he got a booster.

The good news is the doctor said that because he was vaccinated, he hasn’t needed oxygen and should survive, unlike the news I heard from my cousin, who lost two friends to COVID this past week. Both were unvaccinated.

UPDATE: August 22, 2021
Good morning! It’s a great day because I just spoke to my dad and he sounds so much better. It’s a remarkable recovery and I had a long talk with one of his nurses last night who just happened to be a traveling nurse. I wanted to make sure I was getting his update unfiltered.

My dad really seemed to be wilting away the last few days and I think it was mostly because he wasn’t eating and feeling lonely. His cochlear implant was really giving the staff a problem, too. Well, his nurse told me that my dad was doing much better and he was just worried about his cough. We talked for a while about travel and about vaccines. I asked him if the vaccine helped my dad and he said he’s pretty sure it would have been a different outcome if he hadn’t taken it and then gave me an example.

The nurse said, “Your dad is 92 and doesn’t have a strong immune system like most young people but he was fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, we just had to intubate a 27-year-old mother who has a strong immune system but was unvaccinated.” He said most of the people who are coming into the hospital with COVID are unvaccinated.

UPDATE: August 23, 2021
I spoke with my dad multiple times yesterday, including for almost an hour because he didn’t want me to hang up, he just wanted me to be there with him even if we weren’t speaking. He did the same with my sister Georgette. It was difficult because he kept complaining about an itchy back and said that he was cold and was hungry, all things that I could have easily taken care of for him if I were there, but obviously no visitors are allowed.

He also FaceTimed with my son who said, “I love you, Grandpa” and then took the phone and hugged it. It made my dad’s day and made my heart melt.

I spoke with one of my dad’s nurses again late last night (I call around 11:15pm because it’s usually the nurses’ slow time) and we had a good chat. First of all, he said that my dad is doing much better and should be discharged this week. But, he said, he’s really weak so he’ll probably have to go into a rehab to get stronger.

I asked a lot of questions about COVID-19 and the nurse said he was in a North Carolina hospital last year and the hospital he was working in turned into the COVID hospital for that city. He said he was having to make 2-3 calls a night to family members, to tell them to hurry up and come in because their loved one wasn’t going to make it to the morning. How awful is that?

I asked if a lot of people are dying these days and he said, “Not the vaccinated patients.” He said people like my dad who are vaccinated, get sick but not really sick. “It’s the ones who aren’t vaccinated that are being intubated,” he said. “It’s weird that most of the people who get in real trouble are middle-aged folks, many of whom are in great shape and have never been sick before. Their bodies just can’t cope with COVID-19 for some unknown reason.” He went on to say that people like my dad probably just need a booster to keep them out of the hospital.

Speaking of staying out of the hospital, he said he sees a lot of people being turned away from the emergency room unless they’re having trouble breathing. Most people who get COVID-19 just need to stay home and isolate.

UPDATE: August 24, 2021
Good news! My dad is being released from the hospital today and being transferred via ambulance to a rehab facility to get stronger. It’s not surprising after laying in bed for 12 days. What is surprising is the hospital hasn’t tested him to see if he’s COVID-19 negative. However, they did say they will at his next stop but he’s done with his quarantine so he should be good to go. Let’s hope so.

UPDATE: August 25, 2021
Today would have been my parents’ 70th wedding anniversary. I’m not sure my dad even knows since I haven’t spoken to him yet today but last night he was really out of it. He was moved to a rehab facility, which is great but the nurse says COVID-19 really does a number on some older people. My dad called me late last night in a panic saying that he needed help. He said he’d lost his wallet and that he was in an airport hotel and didn’t know what he was going to do after tomorrow. His hearing aid wasn’t working so he couldn’t hear me, which made it even worse. Finally, the nurse got it working and I hear he’s doing better today, though extremely tired.

UPDATE: August 26, 2021
Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon I thought it was going to be my dad’s last day on earth. He looked and sounded awful. But it may have been from the medication because he looked much better in the evening. My sister Georgette drove 5 hours from Vermont to surprise him and she brought him some of his favorite foods (meatball grinder and pasta fagioli soup). Then she got him up and walking. However, today she went to visit and my dad’s hearing aid isn’t working again and he’s miserable.

UPDATE: August 27, 2021
Unfortunately, my dad doesn’t seem to be doing great. I’m hoping it’s the meds but at this point I’m not sure. I have a sick feeling that he’s slowly fading away which breaks my heart. I’m planning on visiting him soon to surprise him and hope it perks him up. Please keep him in your prayers.

UPDATE: August 28, 2021
My dad is still in a rehab and it doesn’t look like he will be getting out anytime soon. I’m not sure how good the place is because my dad’s not really moving a lot. But thanks to my sister and cousins who are visiting and bringing him his favorite foods he’s starting to eat.

One of our family friends who is like a son to my dad visited him yesterday and he said he’s going back again today not only to visit my dad but other people in the rehab center. He said he had a long conversation with a couple of older people in the hallway who were so bored and lonely.

So he asked the front desk who gets the least amount of visitors and could use some company. That reminded me a life lesson that I learned from going to a Tony Robbins seminar that my brother dragged me to in 2004. The two things I got most out of the intense three day weekend was I could walk on hot coal and that he wished everyone would stop off at an old folks home and ask the front desk who needs someone to talk to the most.

I know it’s difficult today with COVID-19 but at the rehab my dad is in, or at least the wing, everyone has just recovered from it so they are negative and probably can’t catch it again for a while.

UPDATE: August 29, 2021
My dad still has a long way to go. Yesterday, my dad had his usual ups and downs. A couple cousins visited him and brought him good food so he would eat more and he did. However, later in the day when one of our family friend’s visited he looked terrible. But we’re pretty sure it’s because the nurses are giving him medication that knocks him out like cough syrup with codeine. But when it wore off he looked much better. One thing for sure is the rehab facility is short staffed like everywhere and many of the workers are understandably burnt out.

UPDATE: August 30, 2021
My dad is doing much better today. I think having him off the heavy duty meds and loved ones visiting and bringing him tasty Italian food and encouraging him to eat and shower has really helped. I was planning on surprising him today but I had slight cough and congestion yesterday. I think it was allergies as I feel fine today. But I’m also worried about being exposed to COVID-19 and bringing it home to my two little kids.

UPDATE: August 31, 2021
I was planning on writing this from Connecticut but I canceled my trip to see my dad at the last minute for a variety of reasons. I’m so glad I did because the rehab center my dad is in just had a positive COVID-19 case so they shut down all indoor visits for at least a week.

He can now only meet outside, which is probably better for everyone anyway, but the visits have to be in short spurts since he’s so weak.

I just got off the phone with him and he complained for the first time that his neck really hurts. I wished I was there to give him a neck massage or better yet ,put this neck massager that’s perfect for travelers on him like I did in May and he loved it.

Although he looks so much better, he’s still a bit confused, paranoid and lonely. He keeps worrying the nurses are going to steal everything from his wallet to, get this … his TEETH!

UPDATE: September 1, 2021 (4:20amPT)
I spoke to my dad last night just before he went to bed around 8:45pm. He was very tired but he looked pretty good. What’s crazy is the rehab center almost gave him the Moderna vaccine because they thought he wasn’t vaccinated. His Connecticut medical records didn’t show he was fully vaccinated in Florida in Jan and Feb with Pfizer so I guess there’s no universal database. It’s just statewide which is ridiculous in this day and age. Fortunately, my sister stopped them. Then I heard they  wanted to give him a booster shot but I was like no way! He just had COVID, he’s weak and it hasn’t been the suggested eight months which the CDC recommends. You really have to be on guard 24/7.

UPDATE: September 2, 2021 
I spoke to my dad multiple times yesterday. He’s definitely getting stronger and is looking better. However, my brother visited him for the first time in a while and said he looks like he’s aged 10 years. Frank brought him clam spaghetti but I don’t think he ate it which is surprising. Our cousin Nicky brought him a chocolate milkshake which I know he really enjoyed. Other highlights include getting a really tight haircut to help hold his cochlear implant better because it keeps falling off his head. I’m up early writing this so I will call him in a couple of hours to see how he’s doing. Thanks again for all the love and prayers.

UPDATE: September 3, 2021 
I think I’m going to stop this update because my dad is doing so much better. He’s now eating, walking and visiting often with friends/family outside of his rehab. Yesterday, I spoke to my dad for over an hour as he was in a great mood and just wanted company as he waited for his physical therapists. He was singing which I haven’t heard him do in a long time. I can’t thank you enough for all the love, prayers and support. COVID-19 is no joke but my dad catching it just goes to show it’s easily transmissible and that vaccines will save your life.

UPDATE: September 5, 2021 
I’m touched by so many readers asking me to continue to update this post so here I am. I just got off the phone with my dad and he’s doing great. He’s still in the rehab but he’s back to his old self. He’s telling jokes, telling the nurses how nice they are. Believe it or not he says he really likes it there and he wants to stay. So now we’re going to see how much it costs for long term residents which I know they have.

UPDATE: September 8, 2021 
Today was a big day for my dad as we moved him to a new rehab that’s in his hometown and closer to family. The bad news is that they’re really strict about who can go visit and visits can only be 30 minutes at a time. My dad loves having a lot of visitors and never wants anyone to leave. The first seven days are going to be rough because he has to quarantine in his room and he can’t leave the building. Not even to go to his brother’s memorial service, a brother who died of COVID in March of 2020. He can still have visitors but they have to be vaccinated and pre-approved. My sister, Carol, can’t visit since she would be coming from Florida. I’m still waiting to see if I can visit since I live in California.

UPDATE: September 9, 2021 
This new place run by nuns is strict. They just informed me that I can visit but only for 30 minutes, I have to show proof of vaccination and sign an attestation form for proof of authenticity. I can’t meet my dad outside and I have to wear full PPE (gown, gloves, face shield, and mask). My sister Carol can’t visit since she lives in Florida unless she quarantines for 7-10 days prior to visiting. I’m not sure how this is going to go so I’m waiting to hear from my other sister who is about to visit him.

UPDATE: September 10, 2021 
I haven’t spoken to my dad yet but yesterday morning his hearing aid went missing. He has a cochlear implant so without it he’s stone deaf. I’m really pissed at the place because he hasn’t left his room (he’s not allowed to) and his hearing aid is gone? It’s his lifeline. No he cannot only not hear but his eyes are so bad he can’t see well enough to read or watch TV. He’s in a room with cement walls and no art that I can see from the photo my sister sent me. Just a cross on the wall. I’m sure it brings him back to his Catholic education (including college and law school).

UPDATE: September 11, 2021 
I just got off the phone with my dad. I’ve spoken to him multiple times today including at 5:30amPT. He seemed fine then but he’s going stir crazy now. His back is also killing him. The good news is the place found his hearing aid after we put up a huge stink and we told them it costs $11,000. Guess where they found it? In the DUMPSTER!

UPDATE: September 12, 2021 
My dad had a rough day yesterday. He’s really going stir crazy and I can’t blame him. The guy can barely see so he can’t watch TV or read (the latter was his passion) and his back hurts. My sister visited him and brought some Italian food which cheered him up but my brother hasn’t visited him and he’s not happy about it. I’m not either.

UPDATE: September 13, 2021 
My dad is doing better today. My sister just returned and said he looks great. I spoke to him on FaceTime and I concur. He just had a shower for the first time in a while (I believe) and he’s feeling better. He just needs to start walking which he hasn’t been doing much of lately.

UPDATE: September 16, 2021 
My dad is almost out of quarantine at his rehab center which is great news. The bad news is his back is killing him. He’s had a bad back for years but it seems to come an go and unfortunately, it’s back. I have tickets to surprise him tomorrow but he’s miserable and I just asked him do you want me to come see you? He said, “what’s the point. I’m not going to croak and I’m miserable.” Good point was my reply. My sister is taking him to the doctor tomorrow so lets hope he can help him.

UPDATE: September 19, 2021 
My dad is out of quarantine which means he can have visitors who are vaccinated. Those that aren’t can only meet him outside of the rehab center. His back is feeling better and he’s about to get a cortisone shot (I believe) since his x-rays showed he needed it. Things are looking up!

UPDATE: September 23, 2021 
My dad is doing so much better. He’s basically back to his old self with the exception of not being able to walk as much. But we moved him to a new rehab, that’s nicer and not as strict with visitors. He really needs a social life and my sister Georgette has been amazing. She’s done the work of four since my other siblings haven’t really done much.

UPDATE: September 25, 2021 
My dad is doing great! He just called me to tell me. He loves his new rehab and he said he just returned from his first exercise class and he LOVED it! He really sounded happy and like his old self.


January 2022
Now with Omicron flaring up around the world, including my dad’s new senior home in Connecticut, he has contracted it again. Two weeks ago, his residence reported that 19 patients had contracted the virus and sadly, two died. Thirty four staff members also tested positive so it shouldn’t be a surprise my dad  got it too.

Fortunately, this time around seems to be a lot less severe. In fact, he doesn’t have any symptoms and I’m not sure if that’s because he got the booster shot a couple of months ago and/or because he had COVID in August or a combination of both. I’m just thankful he’s doing well.

Sadly, I can’t say the same about one of my friends and my cousin. Both are unvaccinated and in separate states. My friend died a few days ago and my cousin has been in the ICU for over a week and the prognosis doesn’t look good. So if you haven’t gotten vaccinated and/or boosted, follow the science.

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  38. Gwen H.|

    Keeping your Father and family in prayer.

  39. MarilynB|

    Thoughts and prayers are with you, hoping your dad makes a full recovery (and your other relative, too). As a very, very long time follower (from your early days on the ‘net) I’ve enjoyed your stories about your dad. Hoping you will get some quality time with him soon. Meanwhile, you and your family stay well and safe!

  40. Tom|

    John, when my 99 year old grandmother was diagnosed diagnosed with COVID this spring, just before she was to receive the vaccine, I said goodbye through the window and never thought I would see her again. She survived! It was just a amazing. Your dad is strong and can beat this!

  41. null|

    Sorry to hear your dad contacted Covid, I will pray for your dad to speedy recovery ❤️‍?
    Be safe!

  42. Ian|

    Hopefully he was vaccinated. Recovery will be easier. I would fly home in economy and not worried about hits on my website. Lost my dad last year to covid. Hopefully your outcome will be better. Good luck

  43. Sherrie Chelini|

    I love your adventures with your Dad and am so sorry to hear he has covid. Sending him and all your family the best and hope he recovers quickly. I think it is wonderful you moved him closer to family and that will give him the strength to pull through.

  44. Charlie|

    Prayers and Good Thoughts for The Big Guy & the whole family. <3 <3


    johny i follow you on the twit network. sorry to hear about your dad getting the virus. Hopefully he will make it through. praying for a spedy recovery. Is therr anything that we can do for you or your family.

  46. Barb|

    Prayers of a rapid return to health for your father and strength for you and your family while you navigate this scary path.

  47. Buzzy Gordon|

    Wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

  48. Cindy G|

    We all feel like a small part of your fam.
    We know you’ve all been so careful.
    Holding you all close in our hearts.

  49. Barbara|

    Your dad and family are in my prayers. I have always enjoyed his smile when you post pictures of him. Judging from your posts with him I am sure he knows and feels your love even when you are not with him.

  50. Sandra|

    Sending you and your family good thoughts and prayers.

  51. Deborah Nelson|

    My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I am a faithful Tech Guy Show fan and tune in for your weekly updates on the show, as well as your newsletter. So thankful that your dad is fully vaccinated. Be well, stay safe.

  52. Roger|

    Johnny, Our thoughts go out to your Dad and your family. Your stories about Dad have brought such joy to us over the years. Here’s to many more years with your father!

  53. Anonymous|

    thanks god that he is ok. hopefully he will get better and come home to you and your family.

  54. Terry Loewenberg|

    Just read your today (Aug 14th) update. Excellent news to be sure. Please extend best wishes from the Colorado contingency to your dad!

  55. gary melconian|

    thanks god. hopefully he iis getting better. hopefully he will come home soon and then you cnago see him to see how he’s doing and to probably spent more time with him as you never know in these times. Life is to short and to make the most an the best of it.

  56. Dru|

    I don’t think my first comment reached you, but please know that I’m praying your father makes a full recovery. It’s comforting to know the nurses believe he will do just fine!

  57. johanna fitch|

    Very sorry to hear that your father has Covid 19.
    Lets hope it is not too bad, but at his age, everything is bad. Wishing him the best and all the best to you also, as this must be very scary for you.

  58. Rosa Lombardi|


  59. Daniel|

    our prayers are with you, it sounds like he will pull through, thank god.

  60. Gary|

    Make sure you take advantage that DeSantis has started Monoclonal Antibody Rapid Response Teams. Even more important, immediate intervention needs to be initiated now. Check out:

  61. Kathy|

    Sending best wishes for his healing. Johnny, you are a wonderful and caring son.

  62. Ssam|

    So happy to hear your Dad is doing better and sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

  63. Jeff Patton|

    Praying for your dad’s recovery and your family. I pray he has given his life over to Jesus so that his future is secure in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  64. Joyce|

    Wonderful news, stay strong for yourself and your Dad’s recovery. We look forward to your next update!


    Be strong for him

  66. Sheila|

    So glad your dad is doing better. Hope he is home soon- sending hugs and blessings to you and your family

  67. Toni|

    So happy to read this today. Thanks for the updates and prayers for a full recovery.

  68. Claudia|

    Sending much love and a quick recovery for your dad! Go Yankees, they really suck right now. My dad’s fave team too.

  69. Max Weber|

    Best wishes and positive energy sent.

  70. Patti|

    So glad your dad is doing better,I,m sure he’s in good cafe&feel better soon.prayers&good wish’s for him

  71. Dan Woog|

    Johnny, as you know I am very near to your dad here in Connecticut. If you need any kind of help, please let me know. I’m happy to do what I can!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks, Dan! I really appreciate it.

  72. Randy|

    I’m thrilled to hear that your father was vaccinated and that his condition is improving quickly. You will definitely can look forward to that game of catch sooner than you think. Cheers!

  73. Mung Le|

    So glad to hear your dad is doing better. Prayers for your dad and family! He’s a fighter! ….What a sweet pic you shared with us of his and his grandson! ~Mung (Chattanooga, TN)

  74. Jennifer Jermyn|

    I’m so sorry to hear this news Johnny but so happy to hear to good prognosis. My prayers are with you and your family for a speedy full recovery for your dear Dad!


    Jennifer J

  75. Paul mercier|

    Prayers for your dad and you!!

  76. Fran|

    I’ve thought of you and your darling Daddy so much in the past two days as I read about his having the virus.
    You two and your family surely have my prayers!
    Catch will be sooner than you think!

  77. Paco|

    Sending good karma to your dad.

  78. Chuck Spurgeon|

    As always, your writing grips my heart, and I thank you for do openly sharing your love for your father and family. Would my prayers and wishes were instantly fulfilled, but Time seems to be in the grip of time. So I send love with my prayers, Chuck

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you so much

  79. Bob|

    I’ve been following you for years and your tips are always very helpful. So happy to hear that your Dad is doing much better. I hope his age group gets the booster shots very soon.

  80. Ed Boitano|

    Quite sorry to hear this, John. Happy the outcome is in his favor. Too many similar sad stories; Tboy vaccinated designer has been out due to Covid for 4-months, and now the wife of one of our writers also afflicted due to one savage Covid denier. Ed

  81. Dan Nainan|

    Thank goodness he is getting better. And that photo of him with your son is absolutely priceless. Pulling for him! ???

  82. Dave Zuchowski|

    Johnny, I’m pulling for your Dad every step of the way. I’m looking forward to hearing about his November birthday. Best wishes, Dave

  83. Bill G|

    Great to hear your Father is making a comeback. I’m sure it is a bit of relief and now you can look forward to that hug.

  84. Pam|

    Oh I am so relieved that your dad is doing so well at this point. I was so sad after reading your first post about his hospitalization. But this is terrific news! Thank you for sharing.

  85. Susan|

    Glad your dad is improving and I second your comment about the nurses and doctors on the front line. I’m a long retired nurse and I’m not sure I could do it. It would be easier to care for someone like your dad who took responsibility and was vaccinated. I can’t imagine putting my life and health on the line for someone too selfish to not get vaccinated. I’m not talking about people who CAN’T get vaccinated. I’m talking about the selfish people who WON’T get vaccinated.

  86. Aline|

    Johhny, so glad he is doing so much better. That photo of him with your son is really moving.
    I will send both of you healing vibes.

  87. Lisa D|

    I am so glad that he is vaccinated! I am even more relieved to hear that he is improving! Shout out to his nurse, as you said, I don’t think I could do it. They are the true heroes right now!
    Much love and prayers to you all, I know that this is not easy . I caught covid back in December 20, my husband is a lung transplant patient so we have been super careful, but somehow I still caught it.
    It was beyond scary to find out i had brought something into our home that could kill my husband.
    Sending love and prayers to you all…..

  88. Janis Warren|

    Such wonderful news, Johnny! I’m so happy to know your dad is getting better and that the vaccinations are working to save lives. Prayers and love of strength and healing to everyone – family, friends and the heroic health care workers guarding and guiding us all!

  89. Elizabeth Dyson|

    So sorry about your dad and your other relative. Thank goodness he is on the mend. I am saying Hi from Australia. This terrible Covid has disrupted so many lives, let’s hope there will be some normality in the not too distant future

  90. Sandy Gonzalez|

    Johnny, So grateful to hear your Dad is improving! What a relief for you. I hope he makes a full recovery and you can soon give him a big loving hug.
    Sincerely a longtime follower of Johnny Jet (since 2004),
    Sandy G.

  91. Sally marsh|

    So glad to hear your feisty Dad is doing better! God bless him!

  92. ALB|

    Your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers as well as you and your family.

  93. Traci Evans|

    Fantastic news! I’m so happy your dad 8s improving. What a blessing! I will continue to say a prayer for your dad and your family.

  94. Kaye Thomas|

    Great news about your Dad getting better… so very happy for you all!

  95. Suzanne|

    Johnny prayer being said for your, you your family & the nurses & doctors taking care of your dad. Very glad to hear that he is improving ?

  96. Lisa H|

    So sorry to hear about your dad, Johnny! This has really scared me, too. To think you can be that careful and still end up in the hospital is truly frightening. Glad to hear he has been getting better. Sending positive thoughts for his continuing recovery.

  97. gk|

    Prayers to your dad and you, be strong.

  98. PAULA S.|

    Johnny, I love reading your newsletter and now sending prayers and good wishes for your dad’s speedy recovery! I hope you get to hug him soon and in the meantime I hope you and your family stay well and safe. Very scary times! I look forward to the day we can return to traveling again and enjoying all your travel tips and suggestions.

  99. Marty Klein|

    Johnny, Just read about your dad. Just goes to show how the Delta virus can spread even to the vaccinated. Your dad being in his 90s makes him even more vulnerable. Connecticut is a safe state too. Best wishes for his speedy recovery.

  100. Ann Lee|

    I’m so happy for all of you that your dad has a very promising prognosis. My dad is also 93, vaccinated since February and exposed to a reckless unvaccinated family member often. I’m very worried.

  101. Juanita Clark|

    Happy to hear that your father is improving. Scary, wasn’t it! Thankfully, the vaccine protected him.

  102. Bill H.|

    Continue to think about your dad and sending well wishes for his full recovery!

  103. Jennifer Dickens|

    Praying for your Dad to pull through Johnny. I’ll add him to a worldwide prayer list. Prayers really do work and I’m sure you’ll be able to give your dad a hug soon.

    With hear, Jennifer

  104. Jim Suss|

    Any updates, John? I hope he’s doing better!

  105. Deborah Nitasaka|

    My husband & I want to add our wishes for your dad’s speedy (and complete) recovery. Glad to read this morning that he is improving. Get some rest & hang in there. You are such a wonderful son. See you on TWIT!

  106. Priya Wong|

    Please keep us update, prays for your dad and your family.

  107. Lynne Bennett|

    Hello Johnny,

    Thank you for the update on your precious father. I’m so happy to hear that he had been vaccinated and that he is receiving great care. Please take care and you are all in my prayers for a quick recovery for your dad.


  108. Bettina H Salter|

    Hope your dad will be OK. Sounds like he’s getting hospitalitis–older folks especially susceptible. They get confused and disoriented. Would be nice if your family could get him home (if he’s not needing oxygen or other hospital type care) so he is in familiar territory and has familiar folks around.
    Wishing all of you peace, love and health!

  109. Sheila E.|

    So glad to hear that your Dad has turned the corner and doing better. As a long time RN, I am reasured by your positive comments about his nurses. You are such a loving son…I know that your frequent phone calls have helped him a lot. Thinking of you often and sending understanding and love

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you!

  110. Jacqueline Johnson|

    So very glad to learn your beloved father is doing much better. Have been keeping up to-date on your postings about his health and have been praying hard for a speedy and safe recovery. Glad he is doing much better – and yes you are a wonderful son. Thanks for the update and a great week to you.

  111. Diane Watson|

    This is a great relief to hear about your Dad! So happy to hear that he is doing better, and that you were able to talk with that wonderful nurse. Praying for a complete recovery and some peace of mind for you!

  112. Valeri DeCastris BA MS|

    Buona Fortuna e Cent’ Anni at te Papa!

  113. Rich|

    Such great news! I have an 89 year old cousin who was in a very similar situation as your dad and looks to make a full recovery due to the vaccination.


    So glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. As a retired nurse educator, it sounds like he is receiving excellent, compassionate care abd doing well. Hopefully you will be able to visit him when he is discharged from the rehab facility. Sending love and understanding

  115. Elliott W|

    Your a great son Johnny. So you were out at 4-Aces! Did you go to Bob’s Service Station and Club Ed? So many movies and commercials have been shot in that part of the desert. Great road trip.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks! I don’t know what 4-aces is?

  116. TDHill|

    Hallelujah! Released from the hospital is GREAT news! So thrilled to hear it.

  117. Anonymous|

    Prayers sent from Boston!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you

  118. Judy Emling|

    Hi Johnny,
    I went to your sister Carol’s art show in Erie last Friday, and on Monday, picked up my painting at Spago Med Spa. Carol was there. We visited for quite awhile and she told me about you, your travels, website. I registered and looking forward to receiving daily emails. I’m on FB with Carol, so I feel as if I know your Dad from him photos. I will pray for him daily, Johnny….and you Carol also. God bless all of you.


    Judy Emling
    Erie, PA

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank YOU, Judy!

  119. Julie|

    Dead Johnny,
    I read your emails quite often and have been following your daily posts about your dad. Praying for all of you.
    Julie H.

  120. Ann Boyle|

    I always look forward to reading your emails. They are always filled with interesting information. I am praying for both your Dad and your family.

  121. Jo J Trust|

    Meds can do strange things to patients especially the elderly. I am hopeful that is what it is sending healing hugs to him and strength to all of you!
    Hugs, Jo

  122. Pam|

    My heart breaks for you and your up & down roller coaster of emotions. I do say prayers on your father’s behalf. Stay strong.

  123. Gwen H.|

    Keeping you and your family in prayer for your Dad’s total recovery.

  124. Shelley|

    Sending more prayers to your Dad, you and your family from Northern California….

  125. Martha|


    Sending best wishes to your dad. My 96 year old mother just got out of rehab for a pelvic fracture. Besides family interaction the second most important thing is getting up and moving (especially walking).

    May I suggest that you call the nurse manager and inquire about expectations for “rehab”? What are the rehab activities. Is there a physical therapist involved? (If so talk to them too.j. Then send a plate of cookies or other treats from a local bakery to the nurses (and don’t forget the night shift). Your dad just might get an extra bit of TLC.

    Best wishes to your entire family.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you! Yes, great suggestion and I almost always bring the floor donuts when I visit family in the hospital

  126. Judy Emling|

    It is August 28th and I am thinking about your Dad, Johnny. Any updates? I am enjoying your daily newsletters. Carol told me about you and your travels when she was in Erie, PA last week.

  127. Carolyn Lancaster|

    Sending Light and Love to your father and the whole family!

  128. Clem Z|

    All the best to your father and some suggestion/observations gleaned from caring for a husband who spent months in hospitals and nursing homes: 1.) Keep up as much contact as possible for your Dad with family and friends because nursing homes are having the same problem with staffing issues that hospitals have – the staff is overextended. 2.) And make sure your dad can see daylight – patients who can’t see the day/night changes develop a confusion that most hospitals and nursing homes don’t seem to recognize. 3.) Asking a druggist to review your Dad’s meds is often useful – medical staff often doesn’t see the whole picture.
    With my fervent hope for your Dad’s complete recovery.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you for the advice and well-wishes

  129. Hannah|

    Johnny, thank you for having the courage and commitment to continue this daily record of your experience going through your beloved dad’s illness and (hopefully) recovery. This is actually the first time I have read a first hand account that was not an “after the fact” summary. I am sure that it is very difficult for you and your sister to experience that his recovery is so up and down, and not in a neat straight line, but it is helpful for all your readers to benefit from your factual account.

  130. Christina Bernstein|

    You have a great family and your dad having so many family visits shows what a class act you guys all are.

  131. Fran|

    Thinking again today and everyday of your Dad with the smile that brightens all of our worlds.
    Praying for his recovery!

  132. Mary|

    You are an AMAZING son! I have gleamed that in your many posts. Sending healing thoughts to your father. Namaste.

  133. Mary|

    Dear Johnny,

    I have prayed for your dad. Your story about your dad just touched my heart. And I have worried about him. When I read today’s update I had some flashbacks regarding medications that would knock out my elderly parents. If you haven’t already talked to his doctor, see if there is an alternative medication for the meds that are knocking him out. I have had several experiences where I have had to get a doctor to intervene in a rehab facility. They may be simply following a doctors orders, but not evaluating the patient’s response to some of the meds. Your dad’s condition could change and they are still giving medication that no longer is needed and making the patient worse. Sorry to go on and on, but I just felt I had to say something since I have been through this same thing with both of my parents a s my husband. Prayers continue for your dad. No need to respond as I know you have so many comments.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank YOU so much

  134. Beverly Olsen|

    As an elderly woman in my 80’s, I appreciate you chronicling your father’s amazing recovery from this debilitating virus. I read some of your updates to my husband and his only comment was “their must be some good genes in that family”.
    We also had our last Pfizer shot the same time as your Dad in February. Fortunately, we were able to get our booster a couple of weeks ago; two days short of our six months.
    Why is we are not like Israel giving the booster to everyone over 60? I’ve read they are currently vaccinating 30 year olds? Why are we dragging our heels? Aren’t we supposed to be the smartest and the greatest? No need to answer those questions. But perhaps if your Dad had been offered (encourage by his doctor) a third shot he would not have had to suffer to such a traumatic ordeal.
    God Bless him with a speedy full recovery.
    Again thank you so much for documenting his recovery.

  135. Kj|

    Hello from Minnesota,
    we have never met in person but I have met you many times through a loving friend that we share his name is Kerry M?OPL.
    So many times Kerry would call me in the last year as he knows I am caring for my elderly mother. He would be on his way to visit your dad and so many memories of those cute FaceTime calls with your dad and Kerry he was always so excited to see him. He brought such joy to me.
    Your dad had this uncanny ability making me laugh and such silly things with Kerry I could write a book.
    My mom and I actually looked forward to his weekly visits with your dad✝️?✝️
    Just goes to show the people do care and you take the time when loved ones can’t be near their family due to the pandemic.
    This is a friendship beyond words?✝️
    I’m praying for your dad I know that no matter what happens he knows LOVE!
    And as for Kerry he is a treasure as well.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you so much for sharing. Kerry’s the best.

  136. Deborah Nelson|

    So glad your dad is doing better today. My heart goes out to you, caught in the middle of generations. But take care, stay well. All will be good.

  137. Jacqueline Johnson|

    This is truly a difficult time in your family and an even more difficult time for your father. Being alone and having to deal with ‘strangers’ at this time of his life is probably quite jarring. Prayers and strength to you and the family as you navigate the changes. Hoping he will get better soon and be surrounded by the love of his family.

  138. Joan C.|

    So sorry to hear that your Dad is not recovering as quickly as we would all hope. This virus is horrible; it’s a good thing your Dad got the vaccine or it could have been much worse. I will be sending all my best thoughts and wishes to you and your family for your Dad’s full and speedy recovery, along with the hope that more people will step up to stop this virus.

  139. Vincent Conforti|

    I hope that you get to “have that catch” with your dad someday, even if he’s sitting in a chair across from you. How ever it can happen. I’m a 74 year old running out of kleenex in a western suburb of Chicago. Prayers…….

  140. Cheryl|

    Hospital psychosis is a real thing. My mom “heard” the nurses talking about stealing all the computers in the hospital; which wasn’t real. Hope your dad gets better soon!

  141. Esther Combs|

    Thank you for sharing about your father, it means a lot. You and family are in our prayers. My husband is 89 and I am 84 and we had COVID last December 2020. We isolated at home and we didn’t have any particular problems and my husband has been a heart failure patient for years. His primary care doctor and his cardiac doctor recommended he receive a Monoclonal anti-body infusion within 4 days after his positive COVID test and that seemed to strengthen his body so he didn’t have any serious viral symptoms. Then in February- March 2021 we both received the Pfizer vaccinations. Alaska has a surge in cases again so we’ve masked-up and do distancing making sure our daughter and grandsons are vaccinated which they just did in recent weeks because they believe they are “invincible”. Such crazy and scary thinking. We continue our prayers for your family.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you for your prayers. All the best to you and your husband

  142. Madge|

    Praying for your dad and for you. I hope that you are able to see your dad soon when it is safe and feasible to do so.

  143. Barbara|

    Great news that your Dad is doing better! I wish you both well and hope you can visit soon.

  144. Jeffrey Miller|

    So pleased to hear this great news. I have been following all along and as I said early on that he was a fighter and will conquer this and he has! Bravo! Have a great long weekend. Be well. Stay well.

  145. Angela castagnola|

    I am so glad your dad is doing better, when will he go home ? Sending love and prayers xxxx love your cousin angela

  146. Kat|

    Thrilled to know your Dad is fully on the mend. I’m looking forward to more of his adventures, Hope you get to visit him soon!

  147. Deborah Nelson|

    Oh joy! And happy dance! So happy to read that your dad is doing much much better. Singing! Wow! Best to you all :-) Be well, stay safe… Stay happy :-)

  148. Sheila Englebardt|

    So glad to hear a of the positive progress your Dad is making. He is a reaL trooper. Hope you and your family are taking huge sighs of relief. You and your family have been such good medicine for him with your love, attentiveness and caring. Be well and take care.

  149. Judy Emling|


    Any chance you can post weekly about your Dad? He is on my prayer list. Thank you.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Sure! Thanks for your concern

  150. sally milanol|

    You and your family have had weeks now of nervously praying for the day that your dad can be recovered. It is with a prayer of thanksgiving to Our God for bringing your dad back to where you can fly back and be the wonderful son that you have always been………………..your dad is one lucky man with his children being so loving and caring. So much respect for all of the Di Scala’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You, JJ for sure! I know your mom from heaven is helping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you for the prayers!

  151. claudia|

    so pleased to hear about all your dad’s progress! family and advocacy will make it happen.

  152. Cindy Goldberg|

    Small victories give all of us hope.

    The losses over the last 18 months weigh heavily.

    Good Health and Happiness this Rosh Hashanah 5782 to all.

  153. Marilyn B|

    Glad to hear of your dad’s progress and recovery. So happy for him and all of you.
    I don’t know where your family is in CT, but I have a friend there who has done work with several elderly friends and I know she place them in Bishop Wicke Health & Rehabilitation Center in Shelton, CT, which has an excellent reputation.

    1. Johnny Jet|


  154. John Fischer|

    I listen to you each Saturday on Leo’s show and I have been thinking about your dad often and appreciate the updates. I hope he continues his progress and that you might be able to see him soon, if the nuns allow!

    1. Johnny Jet|


  155. Deborah Nelson|

    Oh my! The rules in the “convent.” Sounds like they will keep your dad safe. If your dad is Catholic, maybe it will bring back memories… Good luck and health and safety come first.

  156. Mary McGovern|

    Dear Johnny,

    I am praying for God to lay His hands upon your dad for healing and to breathe strength into his body. I pray that God will send the Holy Spirit to give your dad courage and encouragement to not give up and to continue to fight this battle. God is in all of the details.

  157. V. Arnold|

    I am glad that your father is doing better despite the new rehab. and its problems. How exasperating it must be to live so far away, when all you want to do is to help your Dad.

    Unfortunately I can relate to the frustration of those who have hearing problems. My husband lip-reads. He was recently hospitalized and with everyone masked, he was very isolated and very frustrated.

    I hope things turn around and you will soon be able to give him the huge hug that you both need.

  158. sally milano|

    Reading the day’s of steady in and out of first better then not so much and now the place he is situated lost the cocochear implant is so deeply unfortunate………………….what your dad is enduring is most certainly in arms of Our Lady. I am sad you have planned and decided not to fly back……….the ups and downs are what makes quite upsetting…………………………like you said he cannot respond to you while you are there, his eyes, hearing and weakness is too hard for both of you to handle. My comfort to you and and your siblings as you try to make his days understandable. By now he must be close to his God Jesus Mary and Joseph………………..not saying near and dear to you mom! fondly,,,,,,,,,,,,a long time follower

  159. Anonymous|

    Surely there are other rehabs near where he lives, this sounds awful. Typical of rehabs and nursing homes “losing” personal belongings. Would they allow a caregiver? Often times in nursing homes or rehabs they are allowed and hired by the family so the patient gets one on one care.

  160. Sue|

    What an ordeal! Wish I lived closer to your Dad. He definitely needs an advocate. Actually, it sounds like you are doing a great job! How frustrating for you. This whole Covid thing has been a nightmare! Praying he gets well soon! Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate the updates. I think we all feel like we know your Dad. Wishing him and your family the best!

  161. Judy Emling|

    So happy your Dad is feeling better. Praying he continues to improve and that the rehab doesn’t dump his haearing aid in dumpster again.

    Now, for a thought and request Johnny: I am driving to Marblehead, MA in 2 weeks. Is there a route where I can avoid the Bridge that goes toward Boston? Or are you the “flight specialist” exclusively?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, Johnny.

    Judy Emling
    Erie, PA

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks! I recommend mapping it out on Google Maps beforehand since I don’t know the area

  162. Stacey Wittig|

    Good to read your Dad is doing better!

  163. Samantha|

    Simply want to say that the concerted efforts of your siblings and you, along with those of extended family members, are admired by many of us, who regularly read your articles. Your father is fortunate to have all of you, and from what I have read, he knows this and loves you all very much. The example you are setting for your children will be remembered as they grow older. I shall continue to lift up your dad in prayer.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank YOU

  164. Sara M|

    If he’s not already using one, get your dad a foam mattress topper for his bed. Heaven only knows the quality of the mattress at the new place he’s in, and a topper can help rectify a substandard mattress.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for the tip!

  165. Jo J Trust|

    Is he allowed out of bed? Lying on your back day in and day out will cause pain? Maybe they can have him sit up in a comfy chair or perhaps with help walk around. If he has to lie in bed there is a pillow type thing that raises his legs around the knees so the legs hang over the top takes strain off the back I have one.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      He is up and about now. Doing better. Thanks

  166. Karen Thorneycroft|

    What a journey!! Your Dad is very lucky to have his family close by, and keeping tabs on him.

    Just want to let you know, we are headed to Toronto, Ontario (from Portland, Or) on Monday!!! First time in 18 months. Heading home to visit elderly parents and in-laws, all in the 90’s.

    It shall be interesting!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hope you have a great trip! Let me know how long the immigration line is at YYZ

  167. Peter Brezinski|

    So glad your dad is doing better. To keep your readers in the loop, consider posting a weekly update, perhaps on Saturday or Sunday.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good idea!

  168. Karen Thorneycroft|

    Hi Johnny. To tell you the truth —— Canadian customs was a joke!!!!!! We landed at 10 pm on a Monday night so there was no one ahead of our half full plane from Denver. We are nexus members so we did the check in with the nexus computer. The dedicated nexus customs agent was busy with some one else so one of the regular agents checked our receipt.. This agent did ask us for our fax card and arrivecan receipt. But seemed very uninterested 8n anything else. Believe it or not our bags were waiting for us on the luggage carasell when we got through. So all in all it was all very painless.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thanks

  169. Douglas Lock|

    So glad your Dad is getting better. Keep up the reports until he is totally out of the woods. Best to you and the family.

  170. Charlie|

    Yay, The Big Guy Is Back!!! Great news!!

  171. null|

    You have a great dad. You are a great son. Your relationship is remarkable.
    You will always have that.

  172. sally milano|

    JJ, I try to keep my prayers and thoughts for your dad in his being with all the new virus’s and now today I hear THE BIG GUY IN his pink shirt (which I am always happy to see him in). Knowing he is not suffering much with all the many isssues, he could! Each time you keep us all abreast for us continue to pray for him.All these years you have been our friend we treasure knowing about you family, so keep your dad knowing we all think of him hoping good thoughts. That bad storm weekend must keep you from flying east! Keep well, JJ, Jack, Olivia and Nat!

  173. Juanita|

    Thanks for this diary of your Dad’s bouts with Covid. I may post it on Facebook in the hopes that those who are not vaccinated will read it. I pray for his wellness and continued contact with your family who are so attentive. He taught you well. It needs to be saved in a historical library to attest to how some were affected by COVID.

  174. Doris|

    How terrible to have Covid twice! Especially for an elderly person not to be able to see his family. Did you visit your Father during the Holidays?

  175. Anonymous|

    Very glad that your dad is recovering well from another bout of Covid. Luckily he was vaccinated. Sorry to hear about your cousin and friend. My unvaccinated cousin who lived in Michigan died two weeks ago in the hospital.

  176. Carol Conley|

    Healing thoughts sent to your Dad from Boston to CT!

  177. Ley|

    Have just sent up a prayer for your dear father. As so many of your fans/friends/readers have expressed, I am very sorry that your dad has had such a disheartening experience and am simply glad he has children, who love and look out for him.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you!

  178. Toni|

    So sorry to read the latest update about your dad. I’m sure it’s hard to share your life with so many, when the news is so personal. Thank you for showing what a wonderful family you have and I’m hoping for peace and comfort for you all in the coming weeks.

  179. Sally|

    What a loving family you are such an important son in the Big Man’s life. You have comforted him and made he so full of TLC You being the youngest in your family you have such a very special place I have noted with your beloved mom and your super man dad! I include prayers and thougfhts to him as he fights to continue to his love of life! God please have mercy and keep your dad in His watchful and loving arms! Peace to all in the Di Scalia family,,,,,,,,,,,,,little Olivia and Jack. The pic was wonderful of Jack in the woods!

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