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Who doesn’t need a neck massage after a year like 2020? My wife and I used to get massages regularly but haven’t had one since February 2020 … with the exception of  RelaxUltima, which is obviously not as good as the real thing, but it certainly is a lot cheaper and does the trick. This wearable neck massager pays for itself after a couple of uses and is perfect for travel; it’s cordless and is about the same size as a pair of headphones. Full disclosure: RelaxUltima sent me a device to test out.

RelaxUltima weighs 5.06 ounces and fits snuggly around your neck. Its gentle electric pulses “go deep below the skin to support muscle pain reduction, deep relaxation, and stress relief.”

There are three modes to choose between: Acupuncture (effective for neck injury), Tapping (works well with chronic cervical strain) and Massage Therapy (for everyday neck soreness, stiffness and pain). It has a heat function of up to 107°F to improve blood circulation and mimics a warm towel. On top of that, you don’t have to buy batteries; it has a rechargeable one that last one month on a single charge.

RelaxUltima is perfect for travelers. Sitting on a plane can make you feel stiff and uncomfortable but this wearable device is so portable, it’s easy to pack in your bag to use on the plane or once you get to your destination.

I often wear it while I’m working at my desk and my wife likes it, too. But one morning, when my dad was visiting (here’s how I surprised him with a ticket to visit), he complained that his neck was hurting so I rubbed his neck with a damp cloth as one of the instructional videos suggested and put RelaxUltima on him.

First, he looked at my strangely for wetting his neck then he looked at me gratefully because he couldn’t believe I had something to help relieve his neck pain. He absolutely loved it and kept saying, “I can’t believe you have this device for me!”

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