In countless articles and radio and TV interviews over the years, I’ve expressed my feelings that fast-track trusted travelers programs are one of the best things to ever happen to travel.

Many Americans think the Transportation Security Administration’s TSA PreCheck is the only trusted traveler program since it’s so widely publicized. PreCheck allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to use certain U.S. airport checkpoints that don’t require passengers to take off their shoes, or take their laptops or liquids out (as long as they don’t exceed the 3.4-ounce limit). This program costs $78 ($70 to renew) and lasts five years.

But there are three other trusted traveler programs U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched in partnership with our neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico. They’ve created an expedited clearance into all three countries for international travelers depending on which program(s) they apply and get approved for.

The most popular is Global Entry, which allows a fast track through immigration when returning to the U.S. either by air, car or ship from any country in the world. Only certain citizens can apply and it costs $100 for five years. According to, those citizen countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Bahrain, India, Colombia, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Panama, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and Mexican nationals.

The beauty of getting Global Entry is that you get TSA PreCheck for free. Also, many premium credit cards (here’s a list) will cover the fee if you pay for it with the respective card.

Canadians are eligible through their program as well as U.S. Citizens who travel to the Great White North using the NEXUS program. NEXUS works like Global Entry but for entering Canada and is an even better deal as it only costs $50 for five years and includes Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. The two downsides are that no U.S. credit card that I’m aware of will cover the cost and you have to make an appointment either at a border town like Niagara Falls or in Canada where you meet with both Canadian and U.S. border patrol agents. Here’s what my appointment was like at Niagara Falls.

I have had TSA PreCheck, Global Entry and NEXUS for over a decade. The only one I don’t have is Sentri, which allows expedited entry into and from Mexico via roads and air and costs $122.25.

According to Travel Weekly, “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will harmonize the application fees for the Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri trusted-traveler programs, effective Oct.1. With the changes, all three application fees will be $120, up from $100 for Global Entry and $50 for Nexus, and down from $122.25 for Sentri.”

So, if you want to save money on these programs, with exception of SENTRI, then you better apply now before the changes go into effect, which is expected to take place October 1 (subject to regulatory approvals). Here’s how to apply for Global Entry, NEXUS and Sentri.

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4 Comments On "How Travelers Can Beat The Global Entry and NEXUS Price Hike"
  1. Christian|

    FYI the Global Entry list now includes Dominican Republic as well ( Just thought you should know :).

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks! That page is from 2022. This one is from 2023 and DR isn’t listed.

  2. Diane|

    I hope you can advise me on how to handle my Global Entry application. At my interview, last July, at the Bowling Green location in New York City, the interviewer asked me if I had ever gone by any other name. I said that I went by my maiden name (before I was married) which I use as my middle name now. My maiden/middle name was written in two places on the application. He said I did not fill out the application properly because I didn’t indicate that I went by my maiden name on the application and rejected my application. I thought his question meant that I had had a totally different name ie Mary Smith instead of Jane Doe. He would not let me say anything to clarify my answer. He just gave me a number to call. I have NEVER been able to get through on that number, nor did I ever hear from Global Entry again. I do not know of any recourse. How do you suggest I proceed. The application cost $100.00 as you know.Its like they took my money because they could. Thank you for your help.

  3. C. S. Leloia|

    I have been on a list for Global Entry for over 3 YEARS. Why? Newark is the airport near me and there is never anyone staffing the Global office. I have called and asked for the schedule of the designated interviewer and was told that was not available. Ever. “You can drive down and come in to see if someone is here. Really? how convenient.
    Someone has an incredible job…never has to actually do it.

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