Following the recent news of spy balloons and other unidentified flying objects (UFOs), I found this research from to be quite interesting. It shouldn’t be surprising that the most populous state, California, had the most UFO sightings with 15,480 reported. RELATED: 12 Things in Travel You Need to Know Today

Most of the sightings reported seeing circle, sphere, or triangle shapes in the sky. In particular, three residents say they spotted a Delta-shaped object flying overhead, and quickly too. And these weren’t just quick glimpses. The average duration of sighting was more reported to be more than 13 minutes.

In second place was Florida with 7,835 sightings, followed by Washington (6,689 sightings), Texas (5,814 sightings) and New York (5,627 sightings). Although Pennsylvania was ranked sixth, sightings there lasted the longest by far with an average of 39 minutes per sighting.

BonusFinder broke down the stats by state as well and if you’re wondering where in California people reported the most UFO sightings, it was Joshua Tree and Mount Shasta. “Joshua Tree reported 17 sightings, with each lasting on average, more than 18 minutes.”

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“Most witnesses stated they saw lights and formations in the sky. One witness recorded seeing a “scalene triangle-shaped craft traveling at a slow to moderate speed across the night sky.”

Mount Shasta recorded 20 UFO sightings with each lasting on average 51 minutes, the longest of the five cities in the graph above. Lights and cigars were most reported by witnesses, with one witness reporting they saw a “low flying, dark, large car sized triangle with rectangle dim lights.”

Crestline, which I’ve never heard of but is located in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, took third place with an average of 30 per 10,000 people who will see a UFO. Residents of Crestline reported 14 UFO sightings, with average sightings lasting more than 22 minutes. Lights and circles were the most reported shapes. One resident spotted a “small metallic white spherical craft.”

Claremont took fourth place as 28 in 10,000 people will see a UFO. 27 UFOs have been recorded there with sightings lasting more than 24 minutes,

At the bottom of the California list was Jamestown, which is located 130 miles east of San Francisco in Tuolumne County. They have had just five UFO sightings but it’s worth mentioning since the sightings lasted longer here by far, with an average of two hours and 40 minutes.

I’ve actually spotted two UFOs in my life. The first happened when I was growing up in Connecticut when I was around five years old. The other was in California when I was 14. The sighting in Connecticut looked like a stereotypical bright cylinder that you see in the movies and the other was driving down the I-5, I think, and we saw five lights in a straight line high in the sky and then all of sudden, they just disappeared.

It’s hard not to wonder whether or not we are alone in this massive universe. Have you ever seen a UFO? If yes, leave the details in the comments section.


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