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I’ve traveled a lot in my lifetime but nowhere near the amount that pilots do. That’s why this story is so shocking. If this could happen to a pilot, it could happen to anyone. RELATED: Pilot Traveling as Passenger in Severe Turbulence Explains Why It’s No Big Deal

According to FOX 10, Pilot Kenneth Gow, a Delta pilot, has filed a lawsuit against an elevator company after claiming a defunct moving walkway “swallowed” his foot and shoe at the Denver International Airport. The incident happened on November 4, 2022, as he was making his way through Concourse A at the airport. Gow said he used the moving walkway. When he got to the end, “he suddenly felt a surge of pain in his foot and collapsed.” Gow’s lawyer told Good Morning America that Gow’s injuries were so bad, he missed work for nearly two weeks.

Watch the video below from Good Morning America for the full story about what happened and how Gow was injured:

YouTube video

“The company responded to Gow’s lawsuit, denying the walkway was improperly maintained and said the accident was “caused in whole or in part by independent intervening causes or forces, or a third party,” over which the company has no control.”

I see both sides to the story and also think that the airport should bear some degree of responsibility for not maintaining the equipment in their facility. Although, one of the top comments on YouTube says, “He was on his phone and not paying attention. You can’t sue when you’re the person that was negligent around equipment that can potentially harm you. There’s a “Yellow” caution strip which he failed to identify and walked right into. Lift your foot instead of letting it get sucked under. I think this was intentional or he is so negligent that this should be thrown out.” ~ @MatthewMorgan25

I travel regularly with my two little kids (ages four and seven), which is of course, rewarding and stressful at the same time. It’s stressful because we’re usually in unfamiliar surroundings so I’m constantly on high alert for dangers of all kinds, from sharp edges to strangers and crazy drivers.

My stress goes down once finally board our aircraft. Our kids are very well-behaved on planes because we let them get their wiggles out before boarding but the real secret is that the airplane is the only place they get to use their iPads (with kid-friendly headphones, of course!) so they’re pretty excited to watch their shows and movies and play games.

But in the airport, waiting to board, my wife and I are still often yelling at them to slow down and be careful, especially when on moving walkways or escalators. Of course, we don’t want them disturbing other people and getting in their way but another fear is that if they’re messing about or not paying attention, they could trip and fall and get seriously injured. My wife’s big fear is that their hair could get caught in the teeth of the metal stairs. People have been scalped, seriously injured and even died from this type of accident.

And this incident with the Delta pilot goes to show that serious injury like this can happen to anyone, not just little children, underscoring the importance of paying attention when on an escalator or moving walkway and not looking down at your phone or getting distracted.


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