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Clean Your Camera Lens
Today’s tip couldn’t be any simpler: Always clean your phone’s camera lens before you take a picture to ensure that your photos are as clear and crisp as possible.

It’s so simple but you’d be surprised how many unclear, smudgy photos I see because people don’t do this. And if you’re trying to capture a special moment or an incredible travel view, you don’t want it ruined because of this simple thing. Just a quick wipe can make a world of difference. RELATED: How to Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

Here’s a before and after photo:

This is especially true when taking selfies or even making a call on Facetime. The oil on your face and fingers really clings to your phone and lens. I now wipe my phone lens every single time I take a photo and most of the time, I just use the bottom of my shirt. So if you don’t want to run the risk of having your photos ruined, take a second and always wipe your lens.


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3 Comments On "Clean Your Camera Lens"
  1. Joanna|

    Thanks for reminding me! I always find myself in front of a great sunset/sunrise/landscape without any cleaning wipes for my lens. :)

  2. Yuen Mi|

    Always a great reminder. My sister used my camera and took some great shots, if not for the little blur/smudge mark in one spot because she accidentally touched the lens and didn’t clean it afterwards.

  3. Bob|

    Another suggestion: never shoot video in portrait mode. It looks so much better on a TV or computer in landscape. Rotate your phone and hold it with both hands. Look at Johnny’s video above. Shot in landscape as nature intended.

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