According to the local news, there’s a new crime trend here in California, which is almost certain to make its way across the country and around the world, if it hasn’t already. RELATED: ‘Bump and Rob’ is an Old Scheme But a New Trend – Here’s What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Protect your home from burglaries.KTLA’s Ellina Abovian interviewed Seargent Victor Jackson from the Glendale Police Department who said that “suspects have been using Wi-Fi blockers to disrupt the signals between security cameras and video feeds, affecting systems such as Ring Cameras. The blockers can prevent residents from being notified when someone approaches or enters their home.”

The bad guys usually know when occupants aren’t home or are on vacation. They will then block the WiFi signal of a residence so that the security cameras won’t alert the owners, police or capture video of the break-in.

I’ve written a post about how to protect your home while you’re away, which includes not leaving ladders near the house and locking second story windows. Read all the tips here.

If you are traveling, you’ll want to read these safety tips from the Glendale Police Department for those concerned about their home security cameras being compromised. Here’s what they recommend you do:

  • Hardwire security cameras
  • Install better gates and outdoor lighting
  • Keep extra batteries for cameras
  • Lock second-floor windows and doors
  • Have a trusted neighbor watch your home when you’re away

Watch the full KTLA video here:

YouTube video


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3 Comments On "Burglars Are Using Wi-Fi Jammers to Disrupt Security Cameras -- Here's How To Protect Your Home"
  1. Scott Goff, MD|

    OK. there is some kind of electronic jammer that is screwing with the alarm system. I am hearing about this on the news. Thank you. More importantly, why I am not hearing about this problem from MY alarm company? I have an alarm system purchased from a brand name alarm company which has been in business for many years. They are never late sending out their billing invoice; but, no news about these types of problems. Additionally, what is the remedy that the alarm company and/or consumer can implement to prevent the burglar(s) from entering the home once the jammer has done it job? Are there redundant systems?; are there nitrogen flush into the home once it is illegally entered?

  2. Max|

    You could get a landline and hardwire all of your devices just like in the old days.

  3. Laurene|

    Wish I could get a landline. My community was built roughly 25 years ago and there are no landlines. There are plenty of companies who will tell you they will sell you a landline, but they are lying to people who really DON’T know what a landline is. They all require modem-type devices that plug into the wall and they all use cellphone providers’ equipment or the cable TV wiring in the house, not a copper phone line.

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