This is the best place to find a rental car that I know of

I’m not 100% positive what the best place to find a rental car is (like with airfares, it’s smart to check multiple sites and tools), but at this point I’m pretty sure it’s Costco Travel (if you’re a member). I first started booking cars via Costco Travel after I was told to check it out by a car rental agent. (While picking up a rental car, I started asking her where she booked her own rental cars, and Costco Travel was her answer.) I’ve been using it ever since. I always compare prices with the car rental agency websites, AutoSlash and before booking, and Costco Travel has been the winner every time. As an added bonus, it doesn’t charge an additional driver fee.

As I’ve written before, Costco Travel is also a great place to save on luxury hotels, cruises and more.




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8 Comments On "This Is the Best Place to Find a Rental Car That I Know of"
  1. WanderlustingDuo|

    I saved $120 today on a premium weekly rental out of SNA with Costco Travel!

  2. Stefani Brancato|

    I have to say that (who I found through you) has absolutely the best car rates of all of them. I used to get all my rental cars at, but after finding Autoslash, it is rare that Costco beats them. Thanks for the tip! You’ve saved me lots of $$ on rental cars.

  3. Jerry Mandel|

    1. do you have to be a Costco member?
    2. Sam’s Club too for rental cars.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yes since they ask for your membership #

  4. Betsy|

    Not only is Costco usually the cheapest, but if you double check your present reservation with them prior to actually leaving on your trip many times the Costco price has dropped again from the price I originally booked

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Agreed! That’s my tip for Wed!

  5. Bob Cowen|

    AutoSlash (even if you didn’t reserve through them) will keep checking for a lower rate on the same size vehicle and notify you if/when it’s found. I’ve used them for years and it almost always finds a better price if I’ve reserved at least a month prior to my trip. I’m now booking through them because it’s not worth trying others anymore. Previously I’ve used Kayak, Costco, Sam’s Club ,etc. etc.

    See for yourself: if you currently hold a reservation for a vehicle, enter it into AutoSlash and see if it works for you. The only down-side is that it may send a note about a lower price for an “off-airport” rental company. They don’t have the ability to restrict the lower-priced search for “on-airport” rental companies; simply ignore those notices.

  6. Max Webber|

    Autoslash beats Costco Travel 9 out of 10 times on average in my experience.

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