I just realized I’ve never made AutoSlash Travel Website of the Week. That’s obviously an oversight on my part since it’s definitely one of best place to find the cheapest rental cars. It’s simple to use, too: You input your pick-up and drop-off locations, dates, and times and then select your vehicle type. It will then ask you to indicate if you are a member of any of these organizations: AAA/CAA, AARP, Entertainment Book, USAA, or warehouse clubs like BJ’s or Costco. (Note: Don’t lie if you’re not a member since rental companies can ask for proof at the rental counter and if you’re not, your price will jump.)

The final step is inputting your name and email since that’s how they send you the quote. The site lays it out: “Why do we need your email address? In 30 minutes or less you’ll receive a quote via email with the best discounted rates we can find for your rental. Don’t worry, we’ll never sell, share, or use your email address for anything other than letting you know what deals we found.” Every time I’ve used it the email has arrived within 15 minutes with a link that goes to a page that lists all the car companies, places to book (usually Priceline) and prices.

What I love about AutoSlash is that they’re never done, as the system will continue to re-price your rental multiple times a day. If they find a better deal, they’ll automatically rebook you. And the best part: The site is free!

Good to know: Reservations booked through third-party sites like Priceline that they refer you to aren’t automatically tracked for lower-price alerts. So after you book your reservation, be sure you send them your new reservation details through autoslash.com/track so they can continue to monitor your new reservation and alert you if the price drops even more. You can even use this service if you already have a car rental booked through another source.

Have you used AutoSlash? What’s been your experience? Do you have a better site for renting cars?



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8 Comments On "Another Place to Look for Cheap Rental Cars"
  1. Ace|

    Love Autoslash, but the info about the 3rd party bookings not being tracked concerned me. However, I checked both of my PL reservations and they were already being tracked.

  2. Sarah Bowman|

    Need a cheap care automatic with a navigation system. Small car diesel if possible.
    Aug 10 12.00 noon to aug 3 weeks
    Thank you.

  3. Sarah Bowman|

    In Galway city or Spidal

  4. Stefani Brancato|

    Autoslash has the best rental car prices I have ever seen. I’ve used them many times now, and have been totally satisfied. No one, not even Costco Travel that I used to swear by, can touch their rates.

  5. Dot|

    AutoSlash is the best. Used it quite a few times – always the lowest price

  6. Gretchen Mayes|

    THANK YOU for telling us about AutoSlash! I had 2 rental car reservations for the upcoming month and rebooked both of them through AutoSlash! You saved me over $100! Now that is what I call a “tip”! Will definitely be using this website in the future!

  7. John|

    I rent cars frequently, but use Hertz as my company of choice. Just this past week I rented a car in Jax. I didn’t notice until I got in the car that that the tank was only three quarter’s full. Nothing had been listed on the rental agreement and there was no one in the garage to report this to. So within an hour of getting to my hotel room I called the Hertz counter at the airport and advised them of the issue. Although I forgot to get a name, the person who answered the call said they would make note of it. Before I returned the car a few days later I filled the tank and saved the receipt. When I dropped off the rental I told the person about the three quarter full tank issue. They asked to see the receipt and two things happened. First, they gave me a credit for the entire amount of the gas purchase (which was approx. $37), and they credited me another $30 for returning the car one hour earlier than I had said I would return it when I made the reservation on-line. I don’t know if being a Hertz Gold member made a difference, but to say the least I left as a very satisfied customer. I also took the time to complete their on-line survey praising their employee who was so helpful, professional and courteous.

  8. Stephen P Dickey|

    AutoSlash is great! Saved $100 on a Hertz rental for a month. Even better than my AAA and Hertz Gold prices.

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