reader-tip-720x360Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Scott, who builds on our Travel App of the Week, saying

“I got a pretty good deal on my passport photo last time. Since I don’t have a photo printer at home, I snapped a picture using my iPhone and went to Costco. There, the friendly photo clerk said to submit the photo using the Costco app (free at the app store).

I just stood at the counter and searched for my store, then submitted the photo (I could have done this at home, of course!). It took about 15 minutes for the photo attendant to print out the image. But I got two of them, one of which I re-purposed for my Russian visa application (see below). The cost? A whopping 17 cents!

Yay, Costco!”

Another great option for passport and visa photos. Thanks, Scott!


Scott's Russian visa



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3 Comments On "Consider Costco for Passport and Visa Photos"
  1. Pam Phillips|

    The Friday tip may be a problem for her. I used the same picture for a new passport and a visa and that is apparently a big no no! They delayed my passport and notified me I needed a new picture which I had to get and overnight to them, which was expensive.

  2. Anonymous|

    Regardless of what may be advertised, the particular location I visited was incapable of producing an acceptable photo meeting visa requirements. Two attempts and both resulted in unusable photos, even after describing explicitly what was required. Unfortunately staff had never heard of a photo required for visa travel.

  3. Anonymous|

    Today, went to take my passport picture, unfortunately didn’t like the shot. The attendee used a low budget digital pointshut camera and further that she is definite untrained. Tomorrow I will go to an studio and get it right.

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