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Anthony Bass, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher, has taken to Twitter to call out United Airlines for the way one of their 23,000 flight attendants treated his wife on a recent flight.

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Disclosure, visit this page.

Bass is 35 years old, a native of Michigan and has played for a number of MLB teams, including the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. So he and his family travel a lot.

On April 16, Bass tweeted, “The flight attendant @united just made my 22 week pregnant wife traveling with a 5 year old and 2 year old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!”

Bass included a cute photo of his kids sitting quietly on their iPads, wearing cute child-safe headphones like my kids use and a bunch of popcorn on the floor below them.

One of his followers commented, “Genuinely curious who should clean up the mess your 2 year old made? As a parent of three kids I am the one responsible for them.” Bass responded, “The cleaning crew they hire!”

Another person commented, “I have three kids, just flew coach 12 hours, and was able to clean up after them — for every mess. It’s called parenting. Do you expect park janitors to clean up after your pet? No; Your child, your responsibility.”

Someone else wrote, “Entitled much? I have a great idea ? Maybe not give your child something that is going to create a massive mess? Just because they have a cleaning crew, it doesn’t mean that people should disrespect them by creating more of a mess. I’m a parent as well, it’s called “respect”

I think it’s disgusting that the stewardess made a pregnant woman clean up a mess if they’re going to supply popcorn on the airplane be ready for messes to clean up if you don’t like it, don’t serve popcorn.

As I mentioned above, I have two little kids, both just a year older than Bass’ and mine travel a ton so I can relate. One of my kids’ favorite snacks and plane pastime is eating Cheerios but they can definitely be messy. My wife and I try to pick up anything that falls on the ground, but we can’t always get them all. Besides, after the pandemic, everyone wants to know that the planes have been cleaned. This is one way to know if the cleaners are actually doing their jobs. A portable vacuum can pick this mess up in less than 10 seconds. And let’s be honest – I’ve seen grown adults leave behind a huge mess plenty of times.

I’m assuming Bass’ wife was traveling alone with two kids and given that she’s pregnant, it’s absurd for a flight attendant to ask her to bend down and pick them up. And it looks like United Airlines agrees as they responded to his tweet with, “Hi there, Anthony. We certainly understand your concern and we’d like to look into this. When you have a moment, please DM your wife’s confirmation number along with any additional details regarding her interaction with this crew member.”

Which side are you on? Leave a comment.


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21 Comments On "United Airlines Flight Attendant Makes Toronto Blue Jays Player's Pregnant Wife Clean Up Kids Airplane Mess on Her Hands and Knees"
  1. Gary Breen|

    Always clean up after Your kids, period.

  2. Mike|

    This is why they had to quit serving sardines on airplanes.

  3. Robert|

    One has to ask, why did Anthony Bass make his pregnant wife to clean-up the mess the kids made? Why didn’t Bass do it? Crappy thing to make his wife do it.

    Bass should charter a plane and hire a nanny if he’s too lazy to clean-up after his kids.

  4. Craig|

    The article didn’t mention the source of the popcorn, so we don’t know if it was being served to everyone or if his wife was the only one who brought popcorn onto the plane. If the popcorn were given out to everyone, it would likely cover the plane floor and the airline would need to be ready for that. So, more than likely, Mom brought the popcorn.
    On a plane, the less messy the food, the less likely to cause a mess. Give the kid an apple slice from a plastic bag and even if it ends up on the floor, it’s not difficult to deal with- even the kid could pick it up (just be sure it doesn’t go from the floor to his mouth.)

  5. Beau Hale|

    I’m with Anthony. Even though I have no kids we do have a 130 lb Great Dane that we take everywhere. He makes quite a mess when he eats and we always clean up as much as we can. We even carry a mini dustpan.

    But come on United, the woman is 22 weeks pregnant.

    And Johnny, you make an incredible point, 10 seconds for cleaners who should be vacuuming there anyway, that also lets you know it’s been cleaned.

  6. Doug Jensen|

    The wife being pregnant and without her husband or other adult companion is a special case. The general case is that anyone traveling with children is responsible for them and their behavior. It is called “parenting.” I resent the baseball player using his job visibility to think he is entitled.

  7. laure|

    Don’t let the kids eat popcorn on the plane and if they do, it’s your responsibility to clean up. Yes, it’s called RESPECT!


    Pick up after your own kids. Flight attendants aren’t there to clean up after you, or your kids! Someone who is 22 weeks pregnant is not too big to bend over and pick up her kids trash/popcorn.

  9. Michael Z|

    I’m on Anthony Bass’ side. Give me a break! Kids are kids and they make a mess especially at the age of Anthony Bass’ children. There’s a clean up crew at every airport for arriving flights to clean before passengers are boarded for departure. I’ve been on hundreds off lights and witnessed flight attendants pick up almost everything during a flight that falls in aisles. So, what’s the big deal with United’s flight attendant?

  10. Badger|

    1. Popcorn seems like a dumb idea!
    2. Why couldn’t the older kid pick them up?
    3. Maybe airlines should have a portable vacuum to help passengers pick up small items?
    4. Don’t pregnant women need exercise? My wife was still playing softball at 7 1/2 months.
    5. If I was sitting near them I would probably have offered to help (and would have made a game out of it with the kids).
    6. Would the flight attendant have expected them to clean up spilled coke? An accidental urination? etc.
    7. Really impossible to answer who’s right unless you witnessed the incident. Guessing that all involved could have handled things better.
    8. I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

  11. Tom S|

    Great teaching moment. Does your 5 yr old have to clean up her toys, etc. at home? If that’s the case, she could pitch in and help mom with this. If she isn’t responsible for cleaning up after herself at home, that would have been a good opportunity to start.

  12. Max Weber|

    Rich entitled privileged baseball player is out of line. The hired help should not have to clean up after your kids.

  13. Vicki Bohn|

    I sort of agree with those who said it’s the mom’s responsibility. Even if their favorite snack is popcorn, everyone knows it makes a mess. I’m a neat person, and I can never keep some of my popcorn from getting on the floor. They could eat some kind of fruit snacks that don’t have lots of crumbs and are easier to keep from selling. A granola bar of some sort is also less likely to make a mess. When we traveled in the car with young children we had lots of snacks for them, and there was no popcorn! Pieces of meat and cheese are good, too. I feel it was her responsibility to clean up after her own kids, and if she didn’t want to do so, she shouldn’t have brought a messy snack! Parents need to take responsibility. Your kids are not the responsibility of anyone else!

  14. Scott R|

    I just love the way all the assumptions get made.

    Airlines don’t serve popcorn.

    Does anyone really know what conversation *actually* happened on the plane? Was the flight attendant giving orders like a drill sergeant? Somehow, I doubt that. But if so, that’s a problem.

    Does a 22-week pregnant woman always *look* pregnant? Did the flight attendant *know* she was pregnant? This seems pertinent, as that is being made a ridiculously huge deal about.

    Clean up after your kids. Report an inappropriate flight attendant to the airline, shaming an entire company publicly on Twitter over the *alleged* actions of one employee is childish.

  15. Bonnie|

    If you can’t pick up after your kids now, what will you be like with another one. Teamwork makes the DreamWorks. Be responsible for what you have created. What an age of entitlement!!!!

  16. Jenny Rosales|

    I do have sympathy for the pregnant woman and her ordeal on picking up the mess her kids did. I also believe that yes is parenting skills she needs to have. Those kids made the mess they need to learn to clean after themselves as well, by the way she’s pregnant not sick or disabled, so she’s able to clean.

    The FA, should be questioned in regards to the costumer service provided to the client and the way she approached the situation. Also, people need to be reminded that FA are not MAIDS, they are trained personnel to save your lives in case of an emergency and to assist in the boarding of the aircraft.

    Three aspects are needing to be taken in consideration and it’s not fair that we judge the FA without knowing the complete story and versions of the witnesses. Now days people Judge a situation without knowing the details on both sides of the story.

    This needs to be completely examined, investigated and explained correctly in each media site that has been wrongly published. United Airlines needs to give a statement on this issue and just because is the wife of a famous sport player, doesn’t gives her the right to allow this to happen and take advantage of this situation and destroy the professional life of the FA of United.

  17. Anonymous|

    I’m a seasoned United retired flt attendant. We never served popcorn. I suspect Mom brought it to keep little hands busy and child entertained as a means of management with two children. While no one gets upset about a couple dropped kernels (that could easily be picked up) a lot gets ground into the carpet being trampled on and with quick turn around may be difficult to adequately clean up for next flight. Also it could present safety for those trying to avoid stepping on it or anyone stooping to clean up. Spaces are tight, bumpy air is hard to predict and aisles need to be clear so everyone can return to seats freely and quickly as needed. Parents—Be responsible for your children! And to all…a safe flight.

  18. Anonymous|

    Flight attendants are not cleaners Mr whoever’s you are.charter a private plane along with a cleaner. How dare you treat people like this.

  19. Anonymous|

    I am flight attendant and have never ever ask a pax to clean up their mess…. And I have seen a lot of totally trashed airplanes on long hauls from India to Isreal. That being said I am also a parent who traveled a lot with a small child and you do what you can you pick up after them. But there is always something you miss!!

  20. T|

    There is more to this than we know. I can’t see any flight attendant watching as a pregnant mother of 2 cleans up her daughters mess.

  21. Denise|

    Clean up after your own children pregnant or not. Teach your children to be responsible. Flight attendants are not housekeepers and you did not bring yours. Were you just going to leave it. The age of entitlement….oh no

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