These days, it feels like we are bombarded with bad news at every turn. But sweet, feel-good stories are still happening all around us and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to share this story. RELATED: WATCH: A Feel-Good Story Aboard Southwest Airlines

In fact, you’ve probably seen this story before but it’s the Thanksgiving story that everyone loves and can’t get enough of. Well, the internet’s favorite Thanksgiving friends are back with an update.

The Case of the Mistaken Text
Back in 2016, Wanda Dench sent a text to her grandson, inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. But she accidentally sent it to the wrong number. Jamal Hinton was on the receiving end of that message but once they clarified the mistake, Jamal wrote, “can I still get a plate tho?”

And that’s when Wanda Dench did something not everyone would do. She replied, “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do … feed everyone.” And she invited the stranger to join her family for Thanksgiving dinner.

When the two met in 2016, they were strangers but seven Thanksgiving dinners later and they have nurtured a meaningful friendship born from the most unlikely of circumstances. Watch the video of their seven-year journey here:

@todayshow After years of #thanksgiving dinners together, Wanda Dench says that Jamal Hinton is “in my heart for life.” The heartwarming tale of a grandmother mistakenly texting a teenage boy, bringing the two strangers together for the food-filled holiday, has continued for a seventh year. #todayshow #goodnews ♬ original sound – TODAY Show

Seven Years Later
This story took the internet by storm when it first went viral in 2016 and every year, everyone wants to know if Wanda and Jamal are still breaking bread together over Thanksgiving. The answer is yes, they have celebrated Thanksgiving together every year since they met.

In the above video, Wanda speaks tenderly of her relationship with Jamal and how it has impacted her life. She says, “He’s literally changed my life and my point of view on young generations and being open to friendships when you think you have nothing in common with somebody.” It’s a Thanksgiving message we can all learn something from.

Over the years, they have supported each other through difficult times and their friendship has endured. And this story has captured the hearts of so many people that there is a Netflix film in development.

Wanda and Jamal’s heartwarming story is a great reminder today and every day about the power of opening your heart to others. However you’re celebrating today, happy, happy Thanksgiving!

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