Three weeks ago, a story went viral after a guest at The Venetian Las Vegas claimed he was stung by a scorpion while sleeping in his room on December 26th. When I heard the resort had comped his room, I initially thought this could be the ol’ fly in the soup trick.

A second scorpion has checked into this popular Las Vegas hotel.But I changed my tune after reading this KLAS (a local news agency) story, which reported, “Michael Farchi of Agora Hills said he woke up in excruciating pain during his stay at the resort.” Farchi said, “I just felt like somebody stabbing me in my private area.” And “it felt like a sharp glass or a knife.”

Wait, not only did the dude get stung by a scorpion but it got him in the testicles? Talk about a rude awakening. No one is going that far to get a free room. Farchi said he discovered it was a scorpion when he went to the bathroom and “saw a scorpion hanging on my underwear.”

Farchi, who was with his family, checked out a day early.

Today, I saw another viral video (embedded below) of a scorpion in the lobby of The Venetian Las Vegas. I’ve been to Vegas dozens of times and to the swanky Venetian and, like most people, have never seen a scorpion. In fact, I’d never really thought about it but didn’t even realize they had them.

But people who go to Sin City visit from all over the world. And according to some locals who commented on the latest incident, it might not be a native scorpion. “Looks like it was brought in the hotel. Maybe a lost pet. Not the normal bark scorpions that are here in Vegas. The color is too dark and the pincers are big. Vegas scorpions are yellow to orange in color and the weather is too cold for them to come out.”

Others agreed, “Exactly…that ain’t a Vegas scorpion. Ours are yellowish and small, and sting like a b ____.”

One thing is for sure: Before I retire for the night when I’m next in Las Vegas, I will be checking under the covers and bed just to make sure no scorpions have hitched a ride. I also pray I never get stung by one either as another user commented: “Yes, I was stung by one. I should know. 100x painful than a bee sting!”


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2 Comments On "VIDEO: Second Scorpion Spotted at This Popular Las Vegas Hotel"
  1. W Spaulding|

    Been wrangling scorpions for 30 yrs in the Vegas Valley, and that is NOT a native scorpion.

  2. John Joseph Delibos|

    It could very well be a Euscorpius Italicus. It’s the italian version of the scorpions native to the U.S…and looks remarkably similar. I would find it hard to believe that a “classy joint” like the Venetian would accept an invasion of plebeian (in ancient Rome, a commoner) scorpions when they could import the “theme appropriate critters” to feast on your junk!

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