I used to be afraid to fly and incidents like this one make my palms sweat. But just know, it rarely happens and they almost always have a happy ending like this flight did.

Photo by Matt Johnson (@MattJohnsonNEWS)

Last night, Delta Air Lines Flight 2846 from Atlanta (ATL) to Los Angeles (LAX) had a scary moment as the passenger cabin filled with smoke.

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Mason Weiner tweeted a video of the incident with the caption: “Scary moment on #delta flight 2846 from ATL-LAX as an engine went out and the smoke from burnt oil came into the cabin. The crew was amazing and made everything as smooth as possible while making an emergency landing in #Albuquerque @Delta”

Mason wasn’t the only one who tweeted a video of the event. Matt Johnson, who is an Emmy award winning producer and host wrote: “Emergency on my flight #Delta 2846 from ATL-LAX. Engine problem, smoke in cabin. Everyone seems fine. We are on the ground in ABQ. ? @Delta”

Once on the ground and in the Albuquerque Airport terminal, Matt followed up by capturing a round of applause and reaction of one of the hero flight attendants. “One of the hero ?‍♂️ flight attendants on @delta flight 2846 after an #Emergency landing. Smoke filled the cabin after engine problem. Engine was shut down. Passengers were calm thanks to Eric and crew. #Delta”

Matt also was able to do the same with the pilots. “#ThankYou  ?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍♂️ ?‍♂️ pilots on @delta flight #2846. #Emergency landing with only one engine after Smoke filled the cabin. Our pilots received a round of applause ? from stranded passengers. #delta”

Another passenger, who goes by GoldDust Afua Bøni on Twitter, commented on Matt’s video claiming: “I was on that flight! And we just landed in LAX 945pm local time. We were given 12500 bonus miles and a Chick-fil-A sandwich…lol!!! For all this, really @Delta? Y’all gotta do wai better ?☹️”

According to Flight Aware (screenshot below) the flight did land at LAX at 9:15pm and arrived at the gate 10 minutes later which is almost six hours late.

12,500 miles and a Chick-fil-A sandwich (especially if it was a spicy chicken) seems pretty generous to me. In fact, if I was on the plane, I would just be happy to be on the ground safely. How about you? Do you think Delta should better compensate passengers for this incident?

I’ve flown thousands of times and millions of miles and only once did I experience smoke in the cabin … and we too diverted to Albuquerque. However, I was on a Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale flight and it was on American Airlines.


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