How to find a cheap place to stay in Europe near a college
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These days, a hotel is far from the only accommodation option in most destinations. If you know what you’re looking for, how much you want to pay, and how flexible you’re willing to be, you have more tools than ever to build the right travel experience for you.

Today’s featured website, University Rooms, is a great example (and one that’s new to me). In short, it lets you book available dorm rooms on college campuses to stay in. More than 400 university, college and student residences in over 100 cities around the world are available for booking. Each offers (supposedly) more privacy than hostels do, and you don’t have to be a student to book a stay in one.

University Rooms, which was started by an Oxford student, has been around since 2007. The founding idea, per the About page, is this: “Every summer (and other vacations) a mass of university-owned and independently-owned student residences are vacated when students move out. Universities use us to fill rooms during the academic year and in the summer vacation that would otherwise be empty. For travellers and groups, this presents an affordable and convenient accommodation option, an opportunity to experience life within a university and benefit from use of the facilities. For universities, this means extra revenue to subsidise student rates.”

University Rooms is already popular across Europe and it’s now starting to catch on with Americans. Currently, it lists rooms in two U.S. cities (Laredo, TX and Worcester, MA). Of course, rooms are not likely to be luxurious (at least the ones I’ve seen aren’t). There are a few types of room available (single, double, suite…), but they’re all fairly simple. If you’re a solo or budget traveler, or you’re interested in a cheap place to stay in Europe (and beyond) in the heart of a college town, University Rooms is going to be better fit. In any case, it’s another place to look the next time you need a cheap place to stay.

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