As always, I spend Memorial Day weekend in Connecticut with friends and family. Today, it’s supposed to be a scorcher with a high of 92 here in Stamford, CT and a high of 95 for New York City. Since Memorial Day was yesterday, summer has (unofficially) been kicked off and with temperatures like this so early in the season, chances are, you’ll be looking for ways to cool off.

If you’re looking for a pool party or a hotel pool to hang out at on an upcoming trip or at home, Daycation can help.

Daycation is an online tool and iOS app that helps you find a hotel pool to hang out at on a summer day. Each search turns up hotel daypasses, daybeds and cabanas that are available to non-guests. You enter the name of the city you’re in or you’ll be in, and Daycation will return you bookable options. And with each option (hotel), you’ll see what perks/access you’re paying for (and not paying for).

Here’s how Daycation describes itself on its website: “At Daycation we have curated a network of beautiful, on-demand hotel amenities that you can reserve and unlock via our web and mobile apps. Our goal is to provide you with the feeling of instant vacation, realized through a social and relaxing day experience at an amazing partner property.”

To see how it works, I searched for options in Miami on August 7 (tomorrow). As seen below, Daycation returned 16 hotels that I could book space at and the cost of each.

I clicked the Generator Miami, and I could see that there were three experiences I could book there: a daypass ($15), a premium daypass ($25) and a daybed ($50). I could also see a short description of the hotel, its amenities (including restaurants), its location on an interactive map, the hours I’d have pool access for, parking info, and even reviews from users that have booked at the hotel pool in the past.

It looks like Daycation charges a small transaction fee, and tax is added at checkout. But if you want to find a hotel pool or just a fun summer day, give Daycation a look.

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