How swimming in a pool could get you sickI just took a WebMD quiz called “How Much Do You Know About Spreading Germs?” and in the process picked up some valuable tips to help keep myself healthy. The 13-question quiz is worth the time, even though most of the info is common sense.

One of the true-false questions was, “Chlorine keeps pools germ-free.” I answered that the statement was false, which was correct—but I didn’t know that, as written on the answer page, “most germs die in an hour if the chemicals in the pool are at the right levels. But some can live for days. And if you swallow even a little of that water you could get sick. Do your part. Keep pee, poop, dirt, and sweat out of the water. Shower before you take a dip, and don’t go in if you have diarrhea.”

Not letting pool water in your mouth…again is pretty common sense, but now you have a better idea of why. And showering before you swim, even if it’s not always practical, helps everyone.

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4 Comments On "How Swimming in a Pool Could Get You Sick"
  1. Anita|

    And from a doctor friend who is a swimmer: Always shower *after* you swim!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good advice

  2. Brenda Kirby|

    same subject , different location, living in an apartment complex with a pool presents problems too. While it is well maintained daily, some people will jump in clothes and all. Yuck, who wants to go into that pool now !!
    Enjoy your web site , have suggested it to many who travel. Keep up the good work.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for spreading the good word!

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