Ocean 720x360 (from Unsplash)I love to take a dip in the ocean when I travel somewhere exotic, but after growing up along the shore, living near the beach and traveling all over the world I know the dangers of the ocean. Sadly, I’ve seen multiple people dragged out of the water and some weren’t alive.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of warnings from my one of my favorite email safety alerts: the UK’s foreign travel advice. They’ve been sending warnings about swimming in the Caribbean, but these warnings really can be applied anywhere, since the places I’ve witnessed people drown (Puerto Rico, Manhattan Beach, California, and Connecticut) weren’t even listed. The advisories are below:

Basically, they advise people to “take great care at all times when swimming as currents can be deceptively strong and not all beaches have lifeguards and/or warning flags; you should monitor all beaches carefully and obey any local warnings.”

It’s good advice. I also recommend not swimming alone, not going out too deep, and having someone on the beach watch you. More life-saving tips can be found here:



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