The pandemic really did a number on all industries but especially the travel industry. Not all of it was negative … these days, many travelers, including myself, no longer fly halfway around the world for just a meeting, which has had a positive impact on the environment. RELATED: 12 Things in Travel You Need to Know Today
Thanks to technology, you don’t have to hop on a long flight just for a short meeting. You can just hop on Zoom for a virtual meeting.

But if you’re sick of the virtual stuff but don’t want to deal with all of the crowded, unpredictable and high prices of airports and airlines then just jump in the car and drive. I know gas prices are high so here are my 9 ways to save on fuel.

For those who don’t want to drive all the way to a friend or loved one’s house, see if they will meet you halfway. Again, thanks to technology, you don’t have to rely on your Aunt Mary’s recommendation for a great halfway point.

Instead of using her dart on a map or guessing, you can head straight to and input your two starting points. You can use addresses, cities or zip codes and it’s not limited to the United States. Next, you select the venue type: “Accommodation,” “Food & Drink,” “Restaurant,” “Bar,” “Café,” “Take Away,” “Night Life,” “Fun & Family,” “Cultural,” “Shopping,” “Transport,” and—if you can’t decide—their “Inspire me” tab.

The site will then find the exact halfway point by time or distance and bring up multiple options for meeting up. It’s helpful for planning road trips, too, as it will show you places to stop for the night.

Another website you can use try is

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159 Comments On "This Website Will Help You Find a Halfway Point to Meet At"
  1. Brenda Whiteker|

    I am looking for a warm place to live that is approximately half way between NC and Ohio. I have family in both places. Asheville, NC and Columbus, Ohio.
    And I want 50 degrees to be the low temp in winter. Is there such a place?

  2. Jessica ??✨?|

    Halfway between Hatfield Hertfordshire and Southend

  3. Esther|

    A midpoint between New Albany, Ind and Shelbyville, ky

  4. SAndy Leary|

    We have several people in a large family doing family searches and it struck me that maybe we should think about a meeting place for a giant reunion. Would need to accommodate a large number of NYers, CT, Ottawa, etc. What might be a fun midway point between CT & NY??

  5. Dolores|

    Need to spend the night halfway between Paris ky and Woodbury ct

  6. Georgeanne|

    What is halfway point between Monte Vista, Co and Houston, TX

  7. Ramona|

    What is halfway point between Shoreview and Rosemount, Minnesota

  8. Tonja Bost|

    There are 4 cities involved in our dilemma…we need a place that is as equal travel for all of us twin falls I’d…Houston tx…cave Junction or…Johnstown pa…must have recreational area for families to have adventures and also for adults to relax…would like cabin or lake house

  9. Kelly Hartman|

    What is the halfway point between Roy Washington and Joseph Oregon

  10. Mary|

    This website is fantastic. I had to meet a friend halfway between Magnolia, DE and Wilmington, DE. This site gave me the halfway mark in Time and/or Distance. This website,, was recommended by Johnny Jet simplifying travel.

  11. Anonymous|

    What is the half way point between fort Bragg North Carolina and Columbus ga

  12. Dennis Lindsey|

    What is the halfway point between Orang Texas and Indianapolis Indiana

  13. Janel Stevens|

    A fun bar and grill between Hastings MN and Lino Lakes

  14. Rene|

    What is the half way point between Duncan SC and Dallas Texas?

  15. Susan Page|

    I am looking for a restaurant midway between Amsterdam, NY and Langhorne, PA

  16. Gwenith Culclager|

    Whats halfway between Ft. Worth, TX AND Murfreesboro, TN

  17. Jane|

    Could anyone suggest a half way point between Grosse pointe, mi and goshen, in. Final destination is Tyler Texas and would like to not go too far off way. Dear friend I haven’t seen in long time and we’d love to make it work but seems impossible. Especially since GPS has ruined me for reading maps. (My dad would cringe at that). Thanks

  18. Nikki G Madeley|

    What is the halfway point between Birmingham, AL And Moss Point,MS

  19. Michael Bridges|

    What is the half may point from marion station,Md to Bedord, Pa

  20. Jen Lane|

    Hello! What is a great place to RV camp between Rockport Maine and Beech Mountain NC?

  21. Anonymous|

    What’s halfway between New Port Richey and Acadia

  22. Wilda Burton|

    What restaurant would u suggest half way between Cherry Hill, NJ & Cape May Court House, NJ

  23. Janine Labrada|

    What is the approximate half way driving point between gainesville fl
    and Closter nj?

  24. Marlaine|

    Halfway from parsippany, nj to fort mills, sc?

  25. Judy|

    What is the exact location in Scanton, Pa that is half way point from Fairport, NY and Galena, Md?

  26. Shannon Barber|

    Best half way meeting point between Mobile alabama and carbondale illinois

  27. Laura Love|

    What’s the halfway point between Pleasant Hill Tennessee and Florence Alabama

  28. Beb|

    What’s the halfway point of Burlington Bristol bridge and vineland nj

  29. Steve Kovacs|

    You title ends in a preposition

  30. Rose Andrez Bradler|

    What’s halfway between Westchester, NY and Edgewater, NJ? Thank you!

  31. Joan Female Smith|

    attractions midway between hagerstown, md and cinnaminson, nj

  32. Nancy B. Duhm|

    Looking for a restaurant half way between Townsend, DE and Hatboro, PA

  33. Cody Ferguson|

    What is a good halfway or convenient point to meet up with my guys if we live in Asheville, Sylva, Kingston, Granite Falls (All NC), Tazewell VA, Bliss NY, and a party from Central PA?

  34. Miriam|

    Halfway point between travelers rest, sc and springfield, ga

  35. Debbie jones|

    Is there a interesting , quaint town halfway between Wetumka Alabama and Walterboro SC?

  36. Desiree Johnson|

    Hello Is There A Halfway Point Between Fayetteville NC And Staunton VA?

  37. Alannah|

    Halfway between Middleport, NY and Fairport, NY.

  38. Rene Amen|

    What is a midway point between Atkinson, NH, Wolcott, NY, and Irwin, PA

  39. Kat|

    What is midway between greensburg Ky and greentown pa

  40. Helen|

    Where is halfway meeting point between Massillon Ohio and Apollo Pa?

  41. Anita Kay|

    Correction: Murfreesboro Arkansas – Hagerstown Md., halfway point

  42. Cathy|

    Where is a halfway meeting point between Saco, Maine and Hudson, New Hampshire

  43. Teresa|

    looking for American or Italian restaurant halfway between Hackensack and morristown

  44. Dee|

    What is the half way point between Hoover, Alabama and Fort Myers, Florida?

  45. Terri|

    What is the half way meeting point between Clermont, FL and Jacksonville, FL? Restaurant you can recommend?

  46. Anonymous|

    Halfway between gunnison,co andmountain home,texas

  47. Melissa A Lucero|

    Half way point between Bridgeport, CT and Columbus, Ohio.

  48. Lisa|

    1/2 way between Hallstead, PA & Statesville NC? This will be the start of our travel to AZ. If this works I may ask for additional suggestions with Hotels.

  49. Sharon Radford|

    What is the halfway point (flying) between Fayetteville NC and Salt Lake City, Utah, The city that we can meet in.

  50. Christy|

    What is the half way point from Tullahoma TN to Montgomery AL

  51. maggie Doyle|

    What is half way between Knoxville, TN and Utica, NY? Preferably a town with motels.

  52. Mary McGregor|

    What is the halfway point from Johnstown, PA and Franklin, GA? Looking for motels, and kid friendly activities.

  53. Monica|

    I’m looking for a halfway point between erie, pa and zebulon, nc.

    Thank you!!

  54. Bonnie|

    Diner halfway betweenPort Washington New York and West Orange New Jersey

  55. Martha|

    Halfway between Huntington and Merrick NY

  56. Russ|

    Looking for an hourly motel and nice restaraunt halfway between Crystal Lake Illinois and Franklin Wisconsin. Preferably on I-94

  57. Joyce|

    What city is halfway between Temple Texas and Lake Charles Louisiana


    What town is halfway between Gretna Nebraska and Walnut iowa

  59. Anonymous|

    What is halfway from mount Vernon Ohio to Pennsylvania?

  60. Marie Olsen|

    What cities are halfway from Middlefield, Ohio and Hudson, Ohio?

  61. Kara|

    What is a good restaurant to meet family at between Wheaton, Illinois and Bolingbrook, Illinois?

  62. Anonymous|

    Where is the halfway point between Perry Michigan and Westfield indiana

  63. Anonymous|


    What is halfway point or a good city to meet in halfway between Yonkers, NY and Silver Spring, MD

  64. Rhonda|

    What is halfway between Casar,NC& Conover,NC

  65. misti|

    halfway point between paris texs and conroe texas thats not going through dallas,ft.worth

  66. Jill|

    What is the 1/2 way point between Pocono PA & Big Sandy Tennessee

  67. angela greagori|

    I am looking to have a family gather half between our homes. What is halfway between Ocean Gate NJ & Chesapeake VA

  68. Mary-Ann Vasti|

    Family gathering at Blue Hawaiin Hotel in Wildwood NJ …. Some of us are in New Windsor NY & others in Whitestone NY…..need suggestions…..looking to have the 2 meet somewhere to car pool so neither goes too far out of the way on the way to Wildwood….thank you!

  69. Pam Wolf|

    Three of us are trying to find a midway point to meet. One lives in Raleigh, NC; the second in Nashville, TN; and the third is in Atlanta, GA. Any suggestions?

  70. Sherry|

    Looking for a half way point between Cherry Hill, NJ and Bluffton SC. We will need to spend the night somewhere along way. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  71. Mark levy|

    Looking for a nice restaurant half way between Harrisburg pa and long branch nj

  72. Jeannie Moss|

    Half way between Hulber Ok and Malvern Ark?

  73. Jamie Cichan|

    Restaurant that serves breakfast halfway between duncannon, pa and Hummelstown, pa?

  74. jennifer L Roberts|

    I need halfway points for lunch or coffee between Bergen Co New Jersey and Montgomery County, PA?

  75. Deborah A Boru|

    Can you please tell me a halfway point between Ridgefield NJ and Woodbury NJ? Thank you

  76. Bev|

    Can you please tell me the halfway point between green island ny & lexington Ma? Thank you

  77. Jean|

    I need a halfway point for a hike between Morristown, NJ and Milford, CT.

  78. cheryl|

    what town can I meet at between fairfield ct and Jersey city nj?


    What is the halfway point between Harrisburg PA and Hatfield Pa

  80. Judy tumblestonO|

    What is half way between Lyman SC and oxford CT

  81. Judy tumbleston|

    What is half way between Lyman SC and oxford CT
    We use route 77

  82. Bev|

    What is halfway point between green island ny and lexington Massachusetts

  83. Diane|

    What is the halfway point between Westerly RI and Enfield CT?

  84. wendy morris|

    what is the halfway point between glen mills pa and great neck ny?

  85. Jose Hercules|

    if we just passed a sign which says that harrison is 25 miles away and turkey is 40 miles ahead, how far will we have to go to be halfway between turkey and harrison? answer

  86. Tina|

    What the midway point between 3400 s brahma blvd Kingsville tx 78363 and Greenville mississippi

  87. mitch|

    lesage wv to sneads ferry,nc – half way point?

  88. Amber|

    Half way point between Waynesboro Pa and Harrisburg Pa along highway 81!

  89. Jenny Golden|

    If my sister is coming from pigeon forge Tn going to georgia where she lives and i live in greer sc what would be the half way point for us to meet ??

  90. Jenn|

    Three areas that we are trying to find a mid-point between. The area needs to have some type of recreational activities ( could be a camper ground with cabins). Place traveling from: Orlando Florida, Nashville Tennessee, and Johnstown Pennsylvania. Thank you for your help!

  91. Anonymous|

    If I’m traveling to New Jersey from Wayne Pa but I want to meet midway from Passaic New Jersey and Radnor Pa, where would it be?

  92. Connie Rute|

    We will be driving from Milton, PA to Myrtle beach SC in September 21, what is the halfway point that is closest to NC?

  93. Kimberlee Decker|

    12901 or 13902 is Binghamton ny but not according to app. Ot also had issues with other addresses and how is gas station not on the drop down for where to meet up? So wish there was a way to pick 3/4 of the way or on which side of state line etc.. .As it is , I couldn’t get it to work for me .. hope it improves because it could be very helpful.

  94. Ed Sousa, Sr.|

    My friend and I are meeting for coffee so I am looking for a half way point between 4421 W. pine haven drive Tracy ca. 95304 and zip code 94590 Thank you!

  95. Shelia|

    Halfway point between statesville nc and gainesboro tn

  96. George|

    Halfway point to meet between Bayonne NJ and Pittsburgh PA

  97. Dawna Lewis|

    What is the halfway mark to a beach from North Attleboro, MA to Rochester, NH?

  98. michael|

    Halfway point between Hedgesville WV and Spring Mills PA

  99. Gina Wellington|

    What is a halfway point between Fayston Vermont and Canaan NY?

  100. Melissa|

    What is a halfway point between Cuba, NY and Litchfield, CT

  101. Joel Commins|

    What is a halfway point between Warren, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Halfway point: Ashtabula, Ashtabula County, Ohio

  102. Lynn Martin|

    We are trying to find a place to stay for a family weekend and are trying to minimize the driving distance for all 3 of our adult children & their families.

    Drivers will be coming from Mt Airy, NC, Decatur, GA, and Asheville, NC.

    Do you have suggestions of places for us to consider that would be as equidistant as possible for all 3 families?

  103. Renae Ryan|

    What is the halfway point from Southern Pines NC and Kingsport TN

  104. null|

    What’s the halfway spot to meet between college park md and Philadelphia they coming from Philadelphia I’m coming from college Park md

  105. Ali S|

    Halfway point between Brooklyn, NY & Raleigh, NC

  106. Crystal Draheim|

    Halfway point between west chester, PA and cherry hill, NJ – PLEASE

  107. Kelly Rosman|

    Driving my daughter to college in fredonia ny from keyport nj what is a halfway point to stop and spend the night?

  108. John Brysacz|

    I am trying to find a place to meet daughters for Thanksgiving
    The towns involved are Raleigh NC, Jamestown NY , Columbus OH and Lancaster PA
    Thank you

  109. Pat|

    Please tell me the 1/2 way point between rockville centre and hampton bay. Thank you

  110. Tyessa mcqueen|

    What is the halfway point between eaton ohio an Frankfort ky

  111. Baille|

    Why does everyone keep asking for the halfway points they want here in the comment section ? Did no one actually read this ?? The writer himself doesnt calculate the halfway points lol. ?‍♀️
    The two websites he suggested is where you can find out half way points . Lmao not here in the comments section..

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank YOU! I was starting to think I was on crack

  112. Joseph D Downs|

    Looking for half way point between Grand rivers ky and Clarksville tn

  113. Matthew Kaplan|

    What is the half way point between Bedford, NY and Springfield, NJ?

  114. Diana Murphy|

    Hi, I need a half way meeting place between Marlborough, Ma and Bridgewater, Ma

  115. Michelle|

    Hi I need a halfway meeting point between Solomon’s md to Aberdeenmd

  116. Lynn Bjerness|

    What is the halfway point between Troy, Illinois and Lake Saint Louis,Mo.

  117. Carol Otoole|

    What is a restaurant halfway between Brewster NY and Hampton Bays N y

  118. Kim|

    Hi I will be picking up my father I need to know what’s the half way point from Chesapeake Va and Fort Knox Kentucky


    I am looking for a central location where we can all meet for a small reunion. My sister has dementia/Alzheimer and we want to get together before it gets worse. We will be coming from Connecticut, South Carolina, Illinois, Georgia and New York…I am researching but need some help. We lost my mother to it 3.5 years ago and now my sister has it….any help you can offer, suggestions on a reasonable location is greatly appreciate

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Ugh! I’m so sorry. How about somewhere in Tennessee or West Virginia?

  120. Tammy|

    What is the play point between Clinton Indiana and Orange Beach Alabama

  121. Tammy|

    Sorry should be halfway point not play point. Microphone don’t listen right.

  122. Erica|

    What is the halfway point between Aurora, CO and Crossville, TN?

  123. Sandy|

    Where can I meet for lunch half way between Ephrata, Pa and Allentown, Pa?

  124. Twylla|

    Where is a good halfway, middle place between Mobile,Al, Tuscaloosa, Al and Ardmore, Tn. We three sister to get together and celebrate our mom passing in Oct of last year. Don’t what anyone person to have drive far.

  125. Gary Artz|

    We were looking at our family trying to get together at a central location. Some live in Lubbock Texas some live in Medford Oregon and the others live in Jacksonville Florida. We were trying to find a place that would be approximately the same miles to travel for all of us. You help would be appreciated.

  126. Claudia|

    What restaurants are 1/2 way between Deerfield, NH and Brighton, MA?

  127. dawn wtulich|

    Half way point between Newton, NJ and Sunshine House in Deer Isle Maine?

  128. Marianne Francis|

    Dear Johnny,

    My husband and I are planning a two week trip to the area of the Shenandoah National Park, in Virginia ( near Harrisonburg),
    leaving on September 16, 2022 and returning home to Lincoln, Vermont on September 30, 2022.
    We want to make it a two day drive getting there and coming home with one overnight each way. We are members of Marriott Int’l. And would like to use our rewards points if possible, but this is not essential.

    Can you suggest a midway point that would offer us a peaceful and quiet night’s sleep, but also have something to offer since we would be arriving early in the afternoon.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’m sorry but I don’t know. The link on this post should help if you spend some time on it

  129. Guy|

    Best meeting place between Middletown Ny and Orlando Florida ?

  130. Becky McWilliams|

    I’m trying to figure out what’s halfway to 80 rocherty rd Lebanon pa from 654 saint joseph st in Lancaster pa

  131. Diann|

    I need the town or city that is halfway between Kimball, NE and Nolanville, TX going south in Colorado.

  132. Sam|

    My husband and I need a place to stay for one night between Raleigh NC and Litchfield Ct. is there some place along the Civil Rights trail?

  133. Kimberly Lamers|

    Looking in between Rochester MN, to stiilwater MN. Muddlepoint to meet family, no one wants to drive the whole way????

  134. Emma Springfield|

    I’m looking for a place to meet in the middle between the East and West coast of the USA. I need a nice vacation spot for a couple of families. Thanks!

  135. Lyn|

    How do I no you are my peaple

  136. Ash|

    What the halfway point between Temple Ga. And Kitty. Hawk Nc.??

  137. Barbara Jenkins|

    What rest stop is halfway between Abingdon, Md and Newark NJ

  138. Muhammad Ibrahim|

    I am muhammed Ibrahim from Nigeria and I want to meet halfway with the love of my life (Rashaye Stevens) from NewYork, how do I go about it?

  139. Mike G|

    What is halfway between Groton CT and Middletown CT

  140. Pam Cordeau|

    Looking for a town to meet a friend between Berlin PA and Springfield PA. Thank you.

  141. Marion|

    I’m looking for a quaint and charming town to meet up for antiquing and stellar food between Ithaca New York and Astabula Ohio

  142. Anonymous|

    Halfway between Laurel, DE, 19956 and Detroit, MI 48234

  143. Lori|

    What place is in the middle for Yorkville Illinois and crown point Indiana

  144. susie|

    Half way between Holland MI and Corydon IN

  145. Yvonne|

    What is the half way point from Harrisburg PS to Littleton Ky

  146. Austin|

    What is the halfway point between hamar to trondheim

  147. Stephanie|

    What is the halfway point between Cleveland, Ohio and Maryville Missouri?

  148. Tan|

    I need to find a hallways meet up gas station between Rockford il and shelbyville tn

  149. Ruth Baxter|

    What would be the halfway point between Covington, Tennessee and Louisville,MS? please recommend a good reataurant two loving cousins could meet and share a few hours of quality time. Thank you.

  150. Dahlia Miller|

    What is halfway between Stroudsburg, pa and Alexandria, va
    My daughter lives in va, looking to move around halfway there
    No back roads please

  151. Annemarie|

    what is halfway point between Columbia, NJ, and Bellville, NJ?

  152. Fola|

    What is halfway point between Newark Delaware and Sayreville New Jersey.

  153. Becky|

    What is the halfway point between Southaven, MS and Lowell, AR, preferably on I40?

  154. Teresa|

    1/2 way point between Beech mountain NC and Taylors, SC?

  155. becky nicholas|

    what is a gas station meet up in between clarksburg wv and gassaway wv

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