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Ralph Hogenbirk (shaggyfpv)

Ralph Hogenbirk (shaggyfpv) is a professional drone racer from the Netherlands. He makes incredible videos using FPV drones, which he often posts from his Instagram handle. (FPV stands for “first-person view”; I had to look it up, too.) His ability to fly a drone is obvious in his videos, including on sweeps of beautiful landscapes. He also posts videos from drone races (like this one) and from his life and travels.

His latest video, titled “Cinematic FPV Norway || Glaciers, Rivers and Fjords,” dropped on Tuesday (October 22, 2019). It’s starting to gain attention because of how well it captures the incredible beauty of Norway in the summer. Here’s what Ralph wrote on his YouTube channel in the video’s description:

“I spent 3 weeks traveling through the Aurland and Jostedalsbreen areas in Norway, mostly hiking and biking around this beautiful nature. I usually took the drone with me, just in case I could capture a few shots. I ended up in some amazing spots, with some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. Only flew 2 or 3 lipo’s at each location, but most of them turned out great!

I hope you enjoy this short collection of shots from that trip! If you want to see more clips and longer takes, make sure to follow me on instagram (@ShaggyFPV). I’ll be posting a few longer takes from this video on there soon.”

The video really is amazing (as is Norway in the summer). You can watch it on his YouTube channel or below:

YouTube video

More Instagram


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