Mint Tin Adventures

Mint Tin Adventures (minttinadventures)

There are a ton of Instagram accounts out there, and plenty of them (like a few below) provide travel inspiration. But this is a new one!

From her Mint Tin Adventures Instagram handle, artist Ashley Polski posts incredible images from across America, and in front of them, her rendering in paint of each scene on the underside of the lid of a mint tin! On her website, Ashley writes that she “started painting in April 2017 as a way to infuse [her] busy life with a little more creativity and color.” Because she’s an “avid hiker…plein air painting has become the perfect way for [her] to incorporate both passions.”

It’s a good thing she had the idea, because the work she’s doing is really cool. To that point, I really like the In-N-Out one below, featuring this same In-N-Out near LAX. And if you like her stuff as I do, she’ll paint you your own mint tin for between $45 and $60!

And even better? If you purchase one of these paintings, she’ll then donate “100% of the proceeds” to CoachArt, a wonderful non-profit organization based in Los Angeles and San Francisco that provides free arts and athletics programs to children and their siblings suffering from chronic illnesses.” See more about CoachArt here.

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