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A Florida couple is in the news after visiting all 61 U.S. National Parks in just seven months. As written by WFLA, Lauren and Steven Keys (aka Trip Of A Lifestyle) “recently returned from a seven-month trip to see every single one of America’s national parks, including those in the Virgin Islands and American Samoa.”

The whole trip cost $36,875 (which they break down in a post), which is no small sum. But the two prioritized saving and travel. Lauren and Steven supported themselves by working part-time and remotely, renting their condo, and by selling photos from the journey. And beyond that, they say, they prioritized travel and planned accordingly. “We’ve always been really, I guess, diligent savers, I guess you would say,” Stephen told WFLA. “So we felt comfortable going on this trip knowing the general plan we had didn’t work out, we’d still be alright because we had sort of like a cushion to fall back on that we had built up over the years.”

To reduce costs, the couple traveled in a van and installed a full bed in the back of it. “It was surprising how sustainable sleeping in the van was,” Lauren told WFLA. “Apart from the nights where it was below 25 degrees during the winter and when we came back to the southeast during the summertime, it was actually really, really comfortable,” she added.

Of course, you can see more on their epic and follow future adventures on social media. Check them out on Trip of A Lifestyle website and tripofalifestyle on Instagram.

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