My wife just sent me this sweet video of a WestJet customer service agent who was working a Toronto (YYZ) to Los Angeles (LAX) flight when she spotted a former teacher of hers on the airplane. It just happened to be Teacher Appreciation Day in Canada on Wednesday, October 5.

The video starts off with the customer service agent speaking to the whole plane. She says: “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lora. I’ve been working for WestJet for three months now and today is National Teacher’s Day so we are supposed to recognize our favorite teachers we have ever had in our entire life and I’m going to get emotional, but today I saw my teacher from 1990, Ms O’Connell who is on board the aircraft, who was my favorite teacher ever. And I haven’t seen her since 1990. This lady made me love Shakespeare, got me to play the piano, I have my masters in piano and I can write an essay. Thank you Ms O’Connell. I love you.”

Then she runs down the plane to hug her. Ms O’Connell can be heard saying, “You made my day.” Lora replies, “You made my life.”

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It’s all pretty darn sweet and the background music makes it even more emotional. Thanks to flight attendant, Keona Thrasher (@vancouver_kthrasher) for capturing it and sharing it on Instagram. We need more scenes like this instead of the totally insane airplane stories we’ve been hearing a lot about lately, like this one.

Keona wrote: Yesterday while we were boarding our flight from YYZ/LAX we had the pleasure to watch this reunion between one of our WestJet CSAs and her teacher. On international teacher day of all days! Thank you Lora for sharing this moment with our crew, guest and of course ms O’Connell.


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