This great photo-editing app has partnered with a famous Instagrammer

This week’s featured Instagrammer, Tupi Saravia, is in the news for partnering with Enlight Quickshot, a really cool photo-editing app. Here’s the story via BuzzFee News:

“Tupi Saravia, the travel influencer who confirmed she had been putting fake clouds into her photos after people noticed the same cloud formations in different shots, is now teaming up with the photo editing app to create more fake cloud patterns to use. Saravia uses Enlight Quickshot, an app that’s developed a specific feature to add in clouds to overexposed photos of the sky. The company told BuzzFeed News it’s inked a deal with Saravia to come up with ‘a new cloud pack’ she will personalize.”

“’We just got off the phone with Tupi—we’re going to work with her to create a new cloud pack based on cloud photos she curates,’ a rep for Enlight Quickshot said. It’s also playing around with the idea of having Saravia ask her now-314,000 followers to submit cloud patterns. ‘[We’ll] possibly offer her followers to submit their clouds for her pack as well,’ it added. ‘Details are still being ironed out.'”

Credit: Enlight Quickshot

More Enlight Quickshot features

The cloud-adding feature is getting lots of press, but there’s a lot more to Enlight Quickshot. Here are some of the features direct from the App Store description:

  • Sky: Replace the sky in your photos with a new sky: blue skies, clouds, sunsets – even add northern lights to your pics!
  • Looks: Change the vibe of your photo in one tap. Give that Instagram feed your own signature style with our designer Looks.
  • Effects: Add tons of special effects: From light leaks to rainbows, to sparkles, hearts and more.
  • Magic: Quickshot’s one-tap magic button is like an auto-fix for your photos.
  • Adjust: The full collection of essential editing tools: light, contrast, vibrance, shadows, vignette, exposure, highlights, saturation, temperature, tint, hue.
  • Filters: No photo is complete without one of Quickshot’s gorgeous filters – one of our top features.
  • Portrait: Perfect for selfies! Designed to make you look amazing.

With all of the above, you won’t have to worry about the weather ruining your pics. But if you do use Enlight Quickshot on publicly shared photos, I think you should disclose it. That way you don’t mislead people into thinking that a destination has clouds or sk y that you’ve artificially added. If you’re simply trying to create photos to hang on the wall, though, it’s a great way to combat crummy weather.

Get Enlight Quickshot

The app is free to try on iOS, but to really be able to use it, you’ll need to pay for the Pro version. That costs $3.99 for a single month, $19.99 for 12 months ($1.66/month) or $59.99 for unlimited use.


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