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The EverSnug travel blanket is lightweight but so soft, cozy and most importantly, warm.

When it comes to packing for a trip, many of us often find ourselves balancing on that fine line between overpacking and underpacking. We’re all trying to find the exact right balance between not packing too much stuff but not leaving any necessities behind. RELATED: Stop Overpacking! 10 Things You Don’t Need to Pack

When it comes to packing, the general wisdom is to take half the clothes and twice the money. Easier said than done. But my real downfall is neither clothes nor cash. I tend to get weighed down with gadgets and gizmos so it’s important to decide which ones are worth it.

My favorite travel gadgets are, without a doubt, my portable phone charger, particularly this one that shows the percentage of battery left on a digital screen. It’s been invaluable to me on my travels – there’s a reason flight attendants say it’s the number one travel gadget they never leave home without.

I never leave home without my portable travel kettle, either. I explain all my reasons why here but this travel kettle goes where I go and I’ve used it far more than I ever thought I would.

But my most recent travel accessory purchase is one I wish I’d made years ago. I finally succumbed and bought a travel blanket. We just took a flight across the country, LAX-MIA, and I was worried that the kids were going to be freezing. I already travel with small blankets for them but I wanted something more substantial and warmer.

Up until now, a travel blanket has been one of those accessories that I never wanted to be bogged down with. There are so many things to juggle when you’re traveling, especially with two young children. But after my last flight, I don’t think I’ll ever travel without it again.

The EverSnug travel blanket is lightweight but so soft, cozy and most importantly, warm. I was shocked at how warm it kept me on my freezing cold flight. At 65×40 in size, it’s plenty big enough to cover two people seated side by side so my kids are able to share one blanket. When they weren’t using it, I cuddled up with it and it put me straight to sleep.

I have been freezing cold on way too many flights in the past and even a big sweater and socks hasn’t been enough to ward off the cold. If you’re flying coach, those thin airline blankets are a joke, not to mention, I question the cleanliness of them and barely want to touch them. And that’s assuming you even get a blanket, which most airlines don’t offer anymore.

The EverSnug blanket comes in a carrying case that zips all the way around, making it very easy to fold up the blanket and put it back in without struggling. And when you’re not using it as a blanket, it’s a perfect travel pillow. Plus, it has a luggage sleeve at the back so you can slide it onto the handle of your suitcase, which was one of the features that really sold me. Like I said above, there are enough things to juggle when you’re traveling but the luggage sleeve means it tucks neatly away without getting in the way.

Listen, it’s a blanket, nothing earth shattering. But this is a good one and more than that, it has made my flights so cozy and comfortable and allowed me to get some sleep, which means I arrive at my destination feeling so much better. And that, to me, is worth writing (home) about. Buy the EverSnug travel blanket here on Amazon.

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