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One of my constant frustrations when traveling is keeping all of my devices charged. Over the years, the number of products I use that require charging has grown considerably. It’s no longer just my phone and computer. Now, many of us have to charge a watch, a Kindle, tablets, earbuds and headphones. It’s a lot. RELATED: The Tech Organizer All Travelers Need

Add to that the fact that I am generally traveling with my husband and two kids and it means there are even more devices to charge, more cords and cables to pack and definitely not enough outlets in any hotel room.

First things first, when it comes to traveling with electronic devices, I always pack everything up in a sleek and compact travel tech organizing case. It’s the only way I can keep my sanity and always know exactly where all my chargers and cords are. I particularly like this BagSmart tech organizing case because of its size and durability but there are lots to choose from, which you can check out here. TIP: I also label every charging block so I know exactly what it’s for because my iPad charger is different from my iPhone charger, and my Kindle charger is different from the one used to charge my earbuds. It’s confusing and annoying and so frustrating if you’re trying to find something in a hurry. I label my chargers with neon-colored Post-Its and tape. I’ve found that a little bit of advance prep and organization goes a long way towards minimizing aggravation.

When I travel, I’m always looking for ways to streamline things and minimize the number of things I have to pack. I recently stumbled upon this foldable three-in-one charging station and it’s perfect for travel. Compact and easily portable, it can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time.

When not used to charge your devices, it folds in on itself to become a phone stand so it’s useful for FaceTime calls or watching a show.

Here’s what some recent Amazon reviewers had to say:

Buy the three-in-one foldable charger here. NOTE: At the time of this publication, it is 20% off. Regular price: $49.99; sale price: $39.99.

If you’re an Android user, this charging station works the same way and is also foldable, making it perfectly portable for travel. NOTE: At the time of this publication, it is 47% off. Regular price: $59.99; sale price: $31.59.

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