Reader Mike in Tulsa sent in this question via email: “Johnny, what is the best sleep mask?” Without a doubt, two of the most important products to bring on a plane are a comfortable eye mask and good earplugs. It’s the secret to a great sleep, especially during these chaotic times when you probably just want to get on the plane, fall asleep and wake up when you’re on the ground. RELATED: The Sleep Hack Every Traveler Needs to Know

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Of course, everyone is different, so everyone has their own personal preferences but my top choice for a travel sleep mask is this Lewis & Clark mask (pictured above and below). It is super soft and so comfortable, it puts me to sleep in no time. It’s also quite thick compared to other sleep masks so it feels like a comfortable pillow on your eyes. It does a great job blocking light out and you’ll find it useful on airplanes, in hotel rooms and even at home if you need a little extra help falling asleep. It can be washed by hand.

But it’s not 100% blackout so if you’re looking for something that blocks out all light, consider a Manta sleep mask (pictured below). It doesn’t apply direct pressure on your eyes and offers total blackout. My sister-in-law says this mask was life-changing for her, not just for travel but at home, too. She suffers from migraines and says this mask gives her the complete darkness and comfort she needs when her head is throbbing. For women, it’s also worth noting that the fully adjustable eye cups are raised off the face so it won’t smudge eye makeup.

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The good folks at Manta sent me one to try, and I have to say that I really like it. Here are the main features of this sleep mask:

  • 100% blackout: Adjustable eye cups mold perfectly to your face to block 100% of light. True blackout unlocks maximum deep sleep in any environment and any position

  • No eye pressure: Fully adjustable, extra-deep eye cups allow you to blink like you’re not wearing a sleeping mask

  • Totally breathable: The interior of the Manta sleep eye mask is made with cotton for maximum breathability. This means your face is kept cool and won’t overheat on warm nights.

  • Won’t tickle your nose: The adjustable eye contours mold to your face shape and won’t tickle your nose like conventional sleep masks do.

  • No slipping: Silicone grip pads prevent your Manta sleep mask from slipping off your face mid-snooze.

  • Soft elasticized headband: Manta’s headband is elasticized in two places, allowing it to stretch to fit around your head. Limiting the elastic to two small sections is a unique design, which prevents the entire band from stretching loose with use. The strap is made out of plush velour, so it’s soft and comfortable against your head and ears.

  • No more pain: Forget Velcro straps that rip your hair out! Manta utilizes micro Velcro, which doesn’t stick to hair.

  • Lightweight: Manta sleeping eye mask weighs only 30 grams.

Buy the Manta sleep mask on Amazon.

Have you tried the Manta Sleep Mask? What’s your favorite mask to travel with? Share in the comments!

UPDATE: My buddy Dan left a comment about his favorite sleep mask, which is called the MindFold. I purchased it but didn’t love it. However, other readers have recommended it, too, so check out the reviews to see what you think.

This story was originally posted in February 2019 but has since been updated. 


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5 Comments On "The Best Sleep Masks for Travelers in 2023"
  1. Katherine|

    Wow! This is such a great deal especially for a person like me that cannot sleep with light. Thanks!

  2. Dan Nainan|

    That looks cool! I’ve been using the Mindfold for over a decade. It also has total blackout, as well as cups for the eyes so that the mask doesn’t present your eyelids or mess up your makeup. It also comes with a pair of great earplugs.

    The guy who makes these is a really nice elderly gentleman. I wrote him and told him I lost the earplugs and could he by chance send me a replacement, since they are the best earplugs I’ve ever used, and guess what? He sent me not only the earplugs but a whole new mask for free! Now that is customer service!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Awesome! But I did buy this but didn’t love it.

  3. Mike in Tulsa|

    What about Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Looks great! I haven’t tried it but might have to order one

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