Southwest Airlines’ (SWA) social media team just shared a cute video (embedded below) of a child on a plane, challenging an employee who was loading bags to a game of rock, paper, scissors. SWA’s caption on Threads read: “Our Rampers never shy away from a rock, paper, scissors showdown. Game respects game.🫡 RELATED:
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As you would expect, the internet loved it … because how could you not? Southwest employees have a reputation for being fun and friendly and this video is just yet another example of that. Here are a few of the comments from Threads:

ladyproducher: Awww love this.

alric_farmer_photography: If he loses your bags are lost too. Lol

grandmaschickensoup: Absolutely love this 🧡

It looks like this could be a Southwest Airlines thing because I just searched social media and found another video (embedded below) from 2022. In the video, the employee accepts the rock, paper, scissors challenge and wins in a quick game.

I’m sure this quick little game made the kid’s day. It took just a minute of the worker’s time but this is a reminder to all of us how far a simple act of kindness can go. These types of interactions with employees and kids really make a huge impact on them and is a great way to help kids enjoy traveling. TIP: Here’s the easiest way to save $50 on Southwest Airlines flights

And you’ve got to just love Southwest Airlines for not only allowing their employees to be fun but encouraging it, and sharing the videos on social media. Here are some other recent viral videos of Southwest Airlines flight attendants and crew:

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