It’s pretty amazing that Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been on the air for almost 50 years; the show began in 1975 and for many, has turned into appointment viewing. There’s no arguing that some of the world’s funniest comedians have come out of the NBC show. You may agree, not all the sketches are funny but there does seem to be one or two hilarious skits on each episode. RELATED VIDEO: Saturday Night Live Destroys Southwest Airlines in Hilarious Skit

This past weekend was no exception. Adam Driver hosted and Olivia Rodrigo was the musical guest. Adam, who is not known for comedy, really nailed his part, playing a baby flying for the first time. The sketch was titled Airplane Baby, and in it, a woman (Sarah Sherman), travels alone with her baby (Adam Driver) for the first time. See the embedded video below to watch the four-minute skit.

YouTube video

The skit was received with praised and viewers took to YouTube to share their thoughts. Some of the top comments on YouTube include:
“Adam’s willingness to go ALL THE WAY IN on every single sketch is both terrifying and wonderful.” ~ @Prederick

“This is the hardest I’ve laughed all season…Adam puts so much work into everything he does..10/10” ~ @UnderTheBridge96

“Adam’s baby behaviors are so realistic, it’s like he’s studied them somehow. 😁” ~ @laalaa99stl

“I work with babies around that age and this was 100% baby representation at its finest. Such smooth transition between the peek a boo and large poop. The scream after poop is optional, but I liked how Adam D delivered it.” ~ @MargaretWaggoner

Pretty much anyone who has ever flown on an airplane has encountered a baby and … it can really go either way. Did you see this viral video where a passenger claims that a kid screamed for the duration of his flight to Berlin? If you ever find yourself in this situation, here’s a flight attendants tips for dealing with crying babies on airplanes. Many people cringe when they see babies and little kids on the airplane. Should airlines offer kid-free flights?


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